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Video card problem (probably) and question about upgrade


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Hello everyone

I have a computer I got a few months ago

It's a relatively old computer

Its specification is:

i5 750 @ 2.67 GHz (4 cores)

DDR3 12 Gb (2x2 + 2x4)

ATI HS 4770, 512 Mb


Motherboard: P55M-UD2

There are 2 Terra HDDs, one is divided into 2 (half each)


The problem I have is that every now and then, the computer just hangs up and nothing responds until you turn it off. A small percentage of the time I see a blue screen and then I realize that the problem is related to a video card. It probably isn't Because I updated several times. I did some testing for the computer's RAM and it works fine. Which is why I suspect the problem is with a video card.

The problem can appear hours after the computer is on, or shortly after the shutdown.

While watching order / series, and also while using the browser.


What I thought was to check what happens if I disconnect the card for a few days and only use the built-in card. There are problems with this:

1. The computer is connected to a TV (other than a computer screen) so I often use it to watch things on TV. Disconnecting the card will not allow me that

2. There are periods where some days the malfunction does not happen. And so even if I cut off the card for a few days and nothing happens, that doesn't necessarily mean it's the problem


If there are any ideas for further investigation of the problem - I'd love to hear



And on the other - are there any recommendations for an alternate video card?

I don't play heavy games.

Yes does make some edits in Lightroom / Photoshop, but not too heavy.

Yes I would like to have the opportunity to play games like the last one that came out Even if not the best quality it allows. But if that means the price jumps too high, then I'm ready to give up.

Up to 1000 shekels guess that's fine. If less is possible, good too


And if at all you think it is better not to invest in upgrading this computer and it is better to go for a brand new computer, then I will consider it ...



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Quote by nehoray26

This is usually an operating system problem 

Which Operating System Installed 

And is the license valid or hacked

Windows 10 Like I said, Peru

To my knowledge - legal. But again, I got the computer from a friend, so I asked less questions .......


Why do you think this could be related to an operating system?

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Quote by nehoray26

This is exactly the system that I received this problem several times and when it installed a valid serial it worked (the truth is that I also replaced the installation) but I'm not sure it's related 

It is probably a bug in the hack or you are looking for another hack ...

I will try to see if it is outbreak or not


In your case, would you also accept that there was a problem with the card driver when it was blue

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