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intel fan box


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I have an E6600 processor it needs 65W which is not a bit and Intel's cooling leaves the processor at 20-25 degrees in the BIOS, the fan is quiet and I put a simple AC ALPINE fan in front of it and the processor reached 35 degrees, I did not understand what's wrong with the cooling of ? Why write that he is so bad?

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Quote of Moon-Mage

Are you seriously talking about a processor from almost 15 years ago?


בשביל , Etc. The processor is good,


The AC ALPINE 11 is excellent in terms of cooling noise a little less it supports up to 85W and the processor comes in games to 65-70 degrees, and with the STRESS AIDA64 effort also reaches 80, I had before that Generic 'which cooled much better but made a tractor noise, I saw there is in the KSP AC ALPINE 12 CO supports up to 100W I will feel the difference ? degrees ? Or is it a pity to spend time with the 11th?

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I have now installed the ANTEC A40 PRO down to a total of 4-5 degrees with all the ribs And the post, an investment not worth 4-5 times to pay almost twice, I was sure I would lower at least 2 degrees.

The Alpine 11 costs NIS 40-45 and the ANTEC 80 

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