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Antek's website says that the A40 PRO CFM is the 77 I bought the body From the store in box listed 41 How can this be? There are 2 types of A40 PRO? The RPM is different too, I bought it from a closed box importer that is similar in data to the C40 something stinks here



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I installed the ANTEC A40 PRO and with all the chilled ribs and all the pose dropped to only 4-5 degrees, the ALPINE11 stopped the processor at 41 degrees in BIOS and the ANT 36-37, I thought it would lower the degrees much more at least 10 degrees even in ALPINE11 I put a thermal ointment Chinese generic and Antec has a gold ointment


Update :


The antech noises no tractor but noisy and is working on 1000 turns right now, the AC is working on 1600 turns and the noise is much lower the problem with the AC whose cooling is not something to say the least Stock in terms of degrees 


I think Antec's cooling is not something because it has 41CFM and abroad and on Antec's website listed 77 How did it come to the country with a medium fan performance? A difference of 36 CFM is a lot 

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Quote of Jabberwock

On which processor you installed


i7 3770 socket 1155, in the past I also installed ZALMAN also they are not something just noisy and not a good refrigerator, very quiet AC but also the cooling name is not a hit I think next time buy Noctoa or check the CM

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In AC Alpin 11 I turned on STRESS in AIDA64 the processor reached 100 percent and I reached 80 degrees and in games 60-70, with the ANTEC A40 PRO in games I reach 60-65 degrees quite similar I still did not make it STRESS in AIDA64, in BIOS there is a difference of 4- 5 degrees in favor of the Antec, the Generic case but with Generic who worked on 3000 cellos i reached 33 degrees in bios but it really sounded like an air conditioner engine.

I was expecting a professional looking refrigerator with copper tubing and any pose that would drop at least 10 degrees that would leave the processor at 50 degrees roof in games maybe to feel a significant difference Which costs 150 or more 

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I did STRESS to the 3770 processor with the ANTEC A40 PRO and came to 72 degrees which is an 8 degree improvement between it and the AC ALPINE 11, has a body That can leave the processor at 50-60 degrees at 100 percent stress?



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Critical Temperature Differences Most often you will feel in a state of effort as you have noticed, in all IDLE Act accordingly and the difference will not be clear because there is also a download of the RPM.


And you're a little unclear in the CFM link that you brought this to C40 and A40 PRO so which one Did you just buy?


70-80 degrees is likely in an effortless position you will not reach it in a game or other effort, there is no reason to chase Other.

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