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T450s parts upgrade recommendations


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I have T450s old and still good, but sometimes slow (office work and internet) attach details

The disc Already a mouthpiece and I want to improve it more in:

A. To increase his memory that will last a few more years, at the moment it appears to me that he has 12G the stick of the 8 I found but not the 4G (maybe soldered?)

B. Improve the Wi-Fi card I realized that you could also switch to a significantly better one

is it possible ?







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4 GB are indeed soldered on the board, you can in principle put a 16 GB stick in the 8th place you have, but in light of the fact that according to the picture, half the memory is free anyway, so extra memory is not expected to help. To your question also can not speed up a processor, my opinion that with 12 GB of memory and You are already taking out of your computer just about anything that is possible and further upgrades would be just a waste of money.



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As one who had the computer, can tell you with your mouth full of Windows 10 and return to 7 \ 8.1
The computer will come back to life with an improvement in UI responsiveness of about 50% and less performance.
It requires some tweaks to And slightly out.

If the 12 Giga memory has the same timing and speed - adding volume will give you nothing.
Beyond that, you can try updating bios

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