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doom eternal 2020


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In the meantime because of the dreadful leak on day 0, they immediately had to lower the price of the title to convince more consumers to buy money.

The current price is $ 47 ... (for Americans) It was fast.

But when you try to order from the platform From the country - the bratters are asking for € 70.

For me they would go looking, from me they got (just because of their impudence) zero.

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I have tested the performance so far in two systems, first in my 2500k accelerated to 4.4Ghz integrated 1080ti accelerator,

Obviously it is overkill on the processor, and under 1080P resolution.

The values ​​obtained are between 95 - 165 FPS. Typically between 110-130 FPS in the middle of the game, of course in the graphics settings

Heaviest to have, ultra nightmare.

Status monitoring indicates that the title consumes 7200MB of VRAM memory from the video card, and the computer just over 5GB Of the operating system,

That it's amazing in the days of 2020, means that every computer with 8GB Will run it perfectly.


After that I tried on my computer my son, the i7 920 which is not rushed at all notice, and it has only 8GB (Which we already know is enough for this title)

And accompanied by an RX580 accelerator from . Surprisingly, the performance is similar to that observed on the 2500k when it comes to FPS. Not obvious.

Which was indeed an increase in latency and it is felt in the hand and eye and also in the measurement of it to about 9ms instead of 6ms, as well as a random hiccup here and there in the middle

Eliminating some monster but really rare, not something that bothers in any way. Which means the FPS alone doesn't tell us the whole picture,

Latency and smoothness are more important. Or so-called, that there should be no drops.


Overall, this title is well optimized and it is also suitable for older computer systems from 10 years ago without any concern. You have seen, i7-920.

Neither should a heavy graphics accelerator for 1080P, as old or (new but medium / weak) equipment will work perfectly well.


In my preliminary assessment anything above the HD7970 will run it excellently. So soon I will do an experiment with such an accelerator in a third machine, and I will pass in your honor 

Results for comparison you will be impressed. Sure you will need to download graphics settings, because the hd7970 only has 3GB VRAM and the heaviest settings

We saw that we consumed over 7GB of VRAM, which means that we need a modern card with 8GB as a starting point for proper operation.

So 3GB graphics settings need to be compromised in this aspect, but it's doubtful that they will significantly impair the quality of the graphics,

In my experience, it is usually small and marginal, and not something that really disturbs. Surely not when the animation was flying in fast action gaming like that,

Not really looking at the little details.

Stay tuned ...

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After a quick test on another computer with 2500k at 4.4Ghz as well, and with HD7970 / 280x video card.


It turned out that the title does not allow to give graphic settings beyond the High setting (which is relatively in the middle of the road because there are several above it)

And with another limitation, it is low-level textures that are low.

For if you try to pick up the settings beyond, the title screams that there is not enough Vram and does not confirm it.


In these settings we have environments around 60-100FPS, and more typically 65-85 within the game itself.

You see a decline in the quality of the textures, but the important question is, is this something that interferes with playability?


Definately not. The graphics are still pretty and don't fall out of past games, which had 3GB Vram back in those days.

That is, for an old computer, for a child, etc ... There is no problem running even with such an old-fashioned graphic accelerator (from 2011).


But something else interesting that I noticed and noticed because it's important:

Although the FPS is seemingly lower than the previous i7 920 system, responsiveness and latency are excellent as the computer

My hold. No wonder, it's the same 2500k processor at the same working frequency. Random hiccups once disappeared in ...

Which teaches me that the i7 920 platform does show us inferiority compared to 2500k (reactivity - latency)

And against the FPS really doesn't tell us the full picture. Here is the FPS machine with a lower 7970

But it flies reactive and responds instantly and there is no harm to a gaming experience that matters.


My conclusion is that FPS really does not tell the right picture, Latency is what determines most of all,

Especially in the title of a fast person shooter like And there is no quicker game in the game.

So that it is a good benchmark to be explained and illustrates to the user the importance of the subject.


Undoubtedly they did amazing coding work on this game. Note that there are points where there is a graphical load

Large and so that the system does not drop below 60FPS, it begins to render at a lower resolution and does scaling

For 1080P resolution and everything in real time. This is a function of id tech's new graphical engine. Inhale.

You will not feel the animation drop on a video card that suffocates at load, the system will render in real time

To save the min FPS you set in the settings interface. At most you will feel that the image is less sharp, because in practice there is

Fewer pixels from the resolution shown. You can feel it when the engine monitoring is open in the background and teaches

Us that he runs the function and how powerfully. I came across this on card 7970 Cora.



Edited By nec_000
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A bit higher resolution:

After adjusting settings to 1440P, I was very surprised to find that playing with a pretty poor texture (on the other hand wonderful gameplay) relative to Shooter, in graphic settings of the texture, with RTX2060 I could not put more texture settings than HIGH, let alone nightmare and certainly not ultra nightmare. A message appears that VRAM is missing (as we know, 2060 only has 6 unfortunately, and make sure to change this in the SUPER version to 8).

Remember long videos from the top hardware channels trying to determine if VRAM's 6GB is enough today, so at least at 1440P it probably isn't.

I've come across games that have very high settings, even needed More than 8 GB, delusional.


We hope that engineers will give us tickets that come with 8 within the default entry-level tickets, and on to 10 and 12 not only in the end models ...


Edited By No-One
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Good overview on new id tech 7 graphic engine used by The new.

And why, FPS - first person shooter ID software products are always the best and fastest in their field in every generation of title.

This is the pioneering company that invented the genre by more than 3 decades with The original one then worked with a keyboard

Without a mouse on a computer And an outdated DOS operating system. By the way, I was old enough to enjoy it and remember to this day, including

Multiplayer games via a BBS modem connection. Nostalgia as they say.

To this cumulative experience of id software with its quest to zero in on performance, and John Karmak

The founder of id software who was a programming genius, a specialist in linear algebra (required for XNUMXD) and considered the father of the domain,

Has the relative advantage over the industry as it looks and is beautifully illustrated in the title in question. Enjoy:



Edited By nec_000
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Now it's official: the comeback of the GeForce RTX 2060

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