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Coolant for Custom Loop


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Hey friends

I was tired of searching a fluid network To the system I am building, 

Of EKWB on Amazon originally costs $ 25 + - per liter, including shipping and taxes costs NIS 250, on the EKWB website it costs NIS 200 per liter (expensive delivery + taxes)


I did not find where sellers in the country, Express owners found only this:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_


There doesn't seem to be anything I would drink thorns with unless someone knows otherwise.


In short, if anyone knows a store in Israel / China / somewhere in the world that has a good liquid that can be ordered in Israel at a normal price, (ignore the shipping status following the corona at the moment)


The overall direction of the color is as follows:

If but with no choice is considered a re-route



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thank you very much  :)


Distilled water I know, and extract I know can be added to distilled water, an antibacterial substance I do not know.

The question is do they sell extract and substance in the country? Or if you know companies with quality products online that can be ordered from Israel at normal prices.

Tramaltech is not sending here, at least not from Amazon, EK's despicable prices.



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Thanks, I also thought of this as a solution, only that in the vehicle the parts of the cooling system are supposed to work at a standard temperature of 90, and much more than that if it heats up, and still the piping of the radiator holds up easily. What I thought was that maybe because the tubes of the acrylic and the other materials of the custom loop are not designed for such heat, maybe the coolant of the vehicle has chemicals that will eat the plastic of the loop over time, so I thought of a dedicated liquid.

Liquid of It is certainly cheaper, but its colors are not the colors offered by the Lupine companies.

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I wasn't going to use the liquid of , The intention was that maybe AIO's dedicated fluids also have such additives, if you're preparing alone and it matters to you.

I read some of the fluid specifications on Amazon, mentioning anti-rust additives and / or low electrical conductivity that is good for rust prevention.

No one mentioned reducing boiling temperature, Corsair noted a maximum working temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.

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You can simply purchase an "anti-algae" supplement (Antibacterial material) And use distilled water and that's it.


Just buy from a dance store (there are link sticks) Of course the shipping on the cost of the product will be close but it is the best alternative there might be right now.

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