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Can anyone please help with some viruses I found on old hard disks?

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Hey ,

I bought a computer to set up a music studio at the old computer's old hard disks. And photos I want to save / transfer to the new hard drive. 

So I connected the old hard disks to the new computer and the antivirus detected a number of threats and viruses. Attached are files of what he found. I removed all of these and still have not transferred anything to the new hard disks but I did start deleting / sorting / arranging within the old hard disks. The question arises: am I protected after removing these viruses?

Is the very fact that I "played" with the content (pictures Audio) before removing the threats is cause for concern?

What would you recommend doing at this point? 

I want to keep the old hard disks so I have more storage space. Is it okay ? Someone here told me to format them after transferring all the material to an external server or disk. what do you say?20200407_155922.thumb.jpg.c06542217bb761d08d2b4cb3bc300b91.jpg20200407_155922.thumb.jpg.7504d82e283b6dd5a6a15082b361e3ec.jpg20200407_194957.thumb.jpg.d07491fe75829d0e74377685388a8a42.jpg20200407_194957.thumb.jpg.8d6e056e1a52d2ba07ca932ccfcb203c.jpg20200407_155922.thumb.jpg.375c9cd8da20bc8bf8058ddaa998a5e4.jpg


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I say you don't see anything in the photos!   Smiley


But beyond that, Sages!

If you have cleared the drives from the viruses and are now not accepted

Alerts from the system, probably the drives are clean.


As long as there are no ransomware viruses, then there is no point in going to the movies.

All is well !

You can copy the material to the new discs or do anything you see fit.

If we have already mentioned the ransomware, you should keep a copy or copies of important files aside,

Detached from the computer, And update them once in awhile after making sure all files are in place

And can be used on a computer (that is, a sample producer from any library).

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I did an automatic removal through windows10 antivirus. It is enough?

Reads now about running tronscript What do you say about it? 


The viruses that the antivirus found:


 trojan: win32 / bitrep.a


Software bundler: win32 / winoptimizer


Hacktool: win32 / autukms.e! Msr







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Look, like in real life, viruses are part of life.

Most of them, either not so harmful or not viruses at all.

About the virus, that's right Severe, ransom software,

I've expanded before.

Everything else, especially if removed, no longer really influences.

Antivirus of 10 pretty good and I see no point

Run to any antivirus that exists and dig further and further.

Come on, it's time to start enjoying the new computer.

Make sure to back up the material, and as a matter of not being connected to the computer.


And .... be renewed!  😊

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Quote by Tulip Mack


But how do I know if the Trojan I wrote to you is a heretic or not? 



Because Trojan is called Trojan ( trojan) and not ransom (RANSOME) ....

If you had been abducting ransom software, you would have been charged

To release locked files, which have been locked by the software.

That's why I also wrote to back up the important stuff And not a friend The backup

Regularly to the computer.

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