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The future of gaming graphics: A spectacular demo for Unreal Engine 5.0


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Crazy, reminds me of the late 90s that the games (mostly car racing and such) included opening videos that were always a few levels above the actual gameplay, looked so realistic that you were all excited, and then suddenly the game itself brought you back to proportions .. The quality of the videos of that period. Hallucinatory.

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The engine is impressive in its capabilities especially for developers who no longer have to deal with LOD for "baked" models and lighting.

But ... there is a lot of information, for example ... some The geometric scans (Mega Scans) will be captured, which by logic must have an element of strong and high quality compression,

On the other hand we have Although very fast ... but small in size of 800GB.

I'm a little disappointed with Epic because in my opinion such an engine should display on the best hardware there is, at least 2080TI or cards .

One can clearly see that the PS5 is having a hard time dealing with the demo, the feats below 30 FPS are really noticeable ... especially in the section that the main character is leaving the cave.

And all this beauty without an NPC and without a reflection environment, even the water's blood is a bit disappointing, looks more like jelly than water, but it can be forgiven because it speaks in real time.

As for the Sony PS5, I think that's just my opinion ... that Sony has jumped here into "deep water" to impress the fans of the brand who have long been thirsty for reaction from the .

Because despite this impressive demo, we saw that the console was already having a hard time at 1440P breaking through the 30 FPS ceiling, in a rocky environment without NPC, which is why I really wanted to see how the new engine ran on .

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Hmmm, the demo is impressive, but ... it does raise a lot of questions. Both the processor and the graphics card in the PS 5 are of . What exactly are they? What is the answer to - To - Of NVIDIA, assuming there is, or is it all done in software? And more and more questions of lighting processing and animation quality in real time, and the question of the questions - how will all this good be translated into - .

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Each generation they present a stunning demo and at the end we get a game that looks standard. It's spectacular, but games won't really look that way. The environment is completely static, there are no NPCs and enemies. Keep in mind that the games will also have to run on the previous generation of consoles - the Pro and the X, which are all just average PCs nowadays and you didn't get to move as much as the blood pretended. Don't think we're even in the blood of Enrile 3.9 at today's graphic level. Either way, I will have to upgrade because my 4 cores will no longer suffice. 

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