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Lesson to learn - How much powerful processor does Gaming need?

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As it seems, coming 2021 marks for the first time the transition to tactile cores, as the new standard in the new and heavy titles

Marble in the market. It is possible that i7 quad-core i7700s (from Intel generation icore first to seventh XNUMX) that have active HT helps in something

Compensate, but the question is how much and for how long one can survive with it. In my estimation on borrowed time only.

So at the moment for those who need a new computer, the recommendation would be to make the effort if possible, and purchase a mini processor of 10400f

Which is hexagonal cores with HT at a price of around 700 NIS, and does not compromise on a 10100f quad-core priced at around 300 NIS,

To be the so-called with the balance of power required for the next 3 years. As it seems, we have reached this moment with respect.

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Just a year ago we had a stubborn debate here when someone asked for upgrades. The main thing is that when I and others explained a year ago (!) That the address is on the wall and it is the end of the quad-core era in gaming, probably those without HT, we received the regular scrolls from nec and his warm recommendation to that user was to buy a second hand i5-2500k based on the fact The computer has such a rush and he is still flying games. " 


Well, happy to see that we have straightened the line and now it's hardware that is "on borrowed time only". Luckily the same user, who is still browsing the forum, did not listen to your advice. We will meet again next year to examine a host of other strong claims that have come up here recently, about DLSS, VRAM consumption, knockouts for the current generation and other things.

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