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B550 board prices are exposed (and are more expensive)


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In my cautious opinion, there may be a price increase, based on the plague we went through and its economic / business / logistical implications for the production and distribution chain.

Not because of the technical essentials of the product itself.

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Here, there is a reference to an increase in motherboard prices - chipset prices have risen to motherboard manufacturers accordingly.

The reasons may be varied, but we wouldn't be surprised if Intel and Want to increase their profits here:



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Quote of nec_000

Because of the epidemic we went through

So it's not that we have passed yet there is no cure and vaccine and quite a few people make fun of the guidelines (Including those that should serve as a personal example to us).

Maariv - "Very significant increase in infection in recent days - across the country and in specific cities" - 03/06/2020
TheMarker - View Full List: Corona visits 110 schools and kindergartens - most of them left open - 04/06/2020
Here - Documentation: Senior officers violate Ministry of Health guidelines - 03/06/2020
Haaretz - After a first serological sample in Israel, researchers estimate that 200 have been infected in Corona - 02/06/2020

While we are used to a forum here for hardware performance graphs (processors, ...), so this time another kind ...
And in the world, without mentioning the different side effects of the healers ...


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As it seems from the sidelines, the world will probably have to learn to live with the virus in some sort of symbiosis like the animals that have been infected have learned to live with it.

For it is totally eradicating, and as you wrote, it is not something from tomorrow to tomorrow ... and will require a vaccine (at least) if not more. 

I mean, just a year plus at the earliest. Or beyond, if this whole story of the vaccine turns out to be something impractical,

Or not as simple as we thought.



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  • 3 weeks later ...

There are 2 reviews here that include some B550 boards

Most of the boards here are expensive and expensive flagships (+ $ 200) so I find no sense in buying them across the X570

But there are boards like the excellent mentor who also got an upgrade (especially for VRAM) that comes with a $ 160 price tag.

Expensive in a significant way compared to the price tag of the B450 but it is indeed a much better board.

Apparently the boards The cheap ones will be as crappy as most B450 boards of today but there will be boards around $ 150 which are definitely boards worthy of 3950X as well.

In shekels, it seems to me that translates to about NIS 650-700. It's a jump of about NIS 200 from today's prices but again it's really much better boards.






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