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Priceless ram prices in Ivory

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Someone managed to understand why at ivory prices ה Duplicate from other places?

In other things, they have a good selection and prices, but if there are other 2x8GB modules at about 350 NIS, it starts from 625 NIS and the selection is very limited and also single, double cost modules.

Sucks, I wanted to order from them because I was satisfied last time and there are some specific items that I found to have only in stock. But I'm not going to pay twice for computer memory.


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For example, this memory goes up twice.

HyperX FURY Black 8GB 2666MHz CL16.


annoying. Because only they have the stock and packaging I wanted, but there is almost no choice of And there is a double cost, and there is no way I will pay for the memory twice as much or I will take something worse just to stay on the computer budget.


Attached is a comparison of the same model of memory in the pictures below.

ksp ram.jpg

ivory ram.jpg

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I can only guess that the prices of So low and the profit margin is so low that they don't want to sell them but as part of a new computer structure.

Go to the store and sit down with their representative and see what price they give you for an entire system.

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sounds strange. Any other stores have no problem with that?

This, too, is just smuggling customers trying to put a computer online.

I won't waste any free time I might just have in store after an unnecessary game of haggling the same model at half price which is the normal price in the other stores. And I wouldn't be willing to accept either Inferior without heatshield at the price of a better model elsewhere.



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Ibori's clientele is not the people who make up a computer alone on the Internet.

To the best of their bid memories, they do not specify a price for each component separately, but a price for an entire system.

Try to put together a complete specification in Ivori and another store and see what the price gaps are at the end.

In any case that's what it is, buy wherever you go, no computer parking is missing.

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I also never understood this price at Ivory, and the economic logic in this pricing, it does not make sense that the other stores lose in their pricing,

Economically, in my opinion, they make hundreds of customers a year escape at best,

They have a good and nice specifications building system, this bit of the unlikely price causes them damage.

Hope for their benefit and our benefit that this will change soon.


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Ivory's site is no less convenient and different from the other stores' site and the selection is not bad either. The system of specifications is similar to what is elsewhere and also prices of all parts are not too different from what is in other stores.

The problem is that once you get to the stage of adding The Ram does not have a selection at all and what is more than twice the exact same model elsewhere.

So assuming that someone who builds a computer on the site is testing at least one other place, I do not understand this logic. It is to smuggle buyers because of scandalous pricing of only one part.

It personally sucks to me because there is a power supply and chassis I found only in ivory in stock and I was very pleased with a computer I purchased about 10 years ago, but I'm not going to pay twice as much on memory , Or take something inferior without a heatshield.

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I, too, wanted to build a specification for the client and noticed that.

I was sure it was a mistake and I contacted them for customer service - responded that it was the price and that was it.

Lost a customer because of this and I'm sure many more.

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If the thing is to assemble a whole system in one place to take responsibility for the whole system so that if there is a fault you put the computer there and let them locate the fault and for that all the buzzing, no stores with reasonable / good customer service are missing.


And if the thing is purely the memories, order from Amazon or another store in the country, it's the easiest hardware component to install on your own, I wouldn't bother making a difference ...


I believe most of the market share of The big computers are people who don't really have a hand and foot in the hardware, and in large want a computer that works superbly for one purpose and another for "as many years as possible" at a price that would seem rational to them.

Do not think that they founded the specifications building system for those who know the market price of each component individually ...

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