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It's now official: Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro is the cheapest Snapdragon 865 device in Israel


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The great thing about the first Foucault was that it gave up all the noise and ringing around, bringing a powerful instrument at a popular price. The new Foucault, on the other hand, is similar in both specifications and price to the Mi10, OnePlus8 and other flagship devices from Chinese manufacturers. It brings no innovation ... no refresh ... no point in buying it over the competition ... (similar to the original Foucault F2, which was weaker than the first even and a total failure for the first nation). If these are the products that the independent Foucault company is able to bring, there would be no point in making them a spin-off. We also get the same devices from Shiomi ... at the same prices ...

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Exactly what mdk25 wrote, instead of realizing that there is a niche of consumers who do not want glass everywhere and feeling "premium" and only want good performance at a cheap price have removed exactly the same phone that already exists in a thousand variations in the market

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I'm not convinced that switching from plastic to metal and glass is the one responsible for the jump in price - it's more likely to be the costs of the hardware inside, most notably the 865 and the advanced modem that must accompany it. It is worth noting that the Poco F1 was announced in August 2018 with Snapdragon 845 introduced at the end of 2017, while the Poco F2 Pro is actually the Redmi K30 Pro announced in March 2020 with 865 introduced at the end of 2019. In other words, the optimists may hope that in the next six months we will see עם 865 (from Or from another brand / manufacturer) at prices that are slightly closer to the one with which the F1 two years ago - although it is quite clear that we will not be able to compare the same super lucrative price but only get a little closer to it.

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Agree with what was said. There is no significant line here in terms of price that comes very close to the mi10 pro. This is a huge gap between the price at which the F1 in the country at the beginning of its journey and Tekel's There is almost no difference between the two models, neither in terms of performance nor in terms of price. The launch price of the mi10pro was supposed to be around $ 950 and the launch price of the Was supposed to be $ 499. This gap is erased on the way to the country and these two mobiles meet somewhere in the middle of the same place in terms of price. The reason, by the way, is not so interesting, but only the result (the sad one, it must be said given that the Foucault was supposed to be the powerful but reduced-featured and inexpensive alternative). My guess is that people will find ways to buy it overseas cheaply, or will just buy the mi10.

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