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[Guide] Choosing a Gaming Mouse Carefully


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[Guide] Choosing a Gaming Mouse Carefully


So a little about me and how it all started:

Just another simple. Ever since I could remember myself,

Only at the beginning of the road did I not enjoy luxury equipment.

Until a clear day, I bought a new computer and then decided that this was it. 

It's time to buy an overpriced gaming mouse.

I suffered this mouse badly and took a whole year of aggressive use

Just to state unequivocally that the problem is indeed in the mouse and not in me

After I paid a considerable sum of 490 NIS from the best of my money.

In the end we parted ways and the next in line was better, but not enough. 

I was looking for something else. I learned what's good about it and knew what I was missing.

That's how I started trading luxury gaming mice,

Some I couldn't really afford if I were a used buyer

By the time I became an eccentric but definitely monstrous mouse collector


Has a modest and subdued collection of over 20 different and unique items:

collect.jpg? dl = 0


And that's not all ^^ In short, there is a painfully deep experience here and I decided it was time to share. 

So if there's anything smart I can say to rat seekers at this point -

only If you are a right-hander, save the excavation for themselves and want to purchase Logitech G502.


502.jpg? Dl = 0


An excellent gaming mouse for all opinions at a funny price and it also came out in a wired version so fly on it.



Now let's move to the point of interest:


In the first stage, everything starts and ends with the hand - hold the mouse in the right or left hand?

right?? magnificent! Any mouse will fit (except those that are specifically designed to the left)

Left? Not bad. Although you could not enjoy all the mice on the market including the highly recommended G502

(Although I've already heard about leftists who somehow use it and still manage to enjoy it)

But what you need is Symmetrical mouse Or at the very least Semi-symmetrical mouse.

What is meant by a symmetrical mouse is that the mouse looks the same in both directions and has no dedicated design for the right hand grip only:

symetric.jpg? dl = 0


Semi-symmetrical mouse He is the one whose shaft is identical on both sides and adapted to the grip with both hands

But in contrast To a full symmetric mouse, Navigation Keys Which are located on the left side, are also not repeated on the right side.


Navigation Keys Used mainly for browsing back and forth in the browser. Very comfortable up to an exclusive level (!)

By the way, they are common in 99% of gaming mice and even non-gaming mice. Usually also programmable. 

But at the same time, Unfortunately there are not enough symmetrical mice In the market and it is much more common to encounter mice that are half-symmetrical.

So the one on my left will have to look for good good or compromise the navigation keys here. Just don't take a left-handed mouse.

I do not recommend in general, although I have already seen cases where they actually did a good job -

A situation where the mouse you have chosen to purchase will not be liked by you is a very likely scenario (!)

And when you want to move the mouse on to make room for the next thing, you may have a problem finding the right buyer.


To the left, I would highly recommend flowing on Razer Taipan. Amazing full symmetric mouse

That I use right now even a chemical that comes in two different versions - black and white, so everyone owns Different coating.


taipan.jpg? dl = 0


We will take advantage of the class to give a word on the importance of Mouse coating:

I came across only three types - Slippery plastic, polished plastic and matte rubber.

The above white version is coming Smooth plastic coating Which accumulates dirt from the hand and sometimes needs to be cleaned with a damp towel.

I had a few mice with such a plastic coating that would make me sweat in my hand and feel a sense of dirt. Real suffering.

But at the level of replacing a mouse, but With this razor for some reason it is not so! Although the glossy plastic coating looks and feels similar.

I can only guess that this is how it behaves differently As a result, its sides are flooded with rubbed rubber that prevents sweat During the grip.


Which leads us to the black version that is coming In matte rubber coating.

Matte rubber is my favorite since it prevents sweat exceptionally and no need to clean or anything.

Just feeling new all the time and leaving no fingerprint marks or anything in style. Or in one word - perfect.

In conclusion, I would warmly prefer a mouse with a matte rubber coating but will not rule out the rest. Just important to know and remember (!)

Matte rubber coating is a relatively expensive coating for bare plastic. Simple imitations and mice from Eli Express 

It is customary to come with such a coating of poor quality that after a year becomes a sticky paste due to the heat.

Don't buy imitations so you won't be disappointed. And if you decided to buy an imitation, then not a matte rubber coating. Go for plastic!


We have left Plastic scoured - In my opinion it is much better than the slippery, produces a great feeling of grip,

While giving Nicki perfusion to the sweat and fats excreted from the hand during use so that there is no terrible sensation at all

And there is no need to clean, etc. So big time? Recommend. Matte rubber is still preferable.
You could see an interesting example in the body The G402, Shiny stripe and scalloped pasty body:


g402.jpg? dl = 0




Step two - Continue with the hand. And this time? Grip Style:


grip1.png? dl = 0

grip2.jpg? dl = 0

grip3.png? dl = 0


We will not dig too far because the pictures speak for themselves only anyway,

I will mention the importance since the decision on the size and structure of the mouse must be compatible with a specific grip.

It is not possible to hold a mouse for a long time that does not fit the hand structure without suffering from pain. 


I by the way, for some reason I was convinced through these announcements that what suits me is PLAM.

But in practice, I experienced pain and it was only afterwards that it turned out that all the traditional mice I had and we all knew,

They are actually a CLAW with some PLAM match, which created the confusion for me and made me aim for the wrong place.

So let me spare you and say in advance - You are these CLAW if you are (but really!) Otherwise safe.


See for example an excellent pair of mice that turned out to be Totally Forced PLAM

And I just could not continue to use them anymore so I had to say goodbye with heartache and hand:


Minox Naos 8200


 naos.jpg? dl = 0


Razer Deathadder


 rz% 20dh.jpg? dl = 0



And now to the artistic part everyone was waiting for: a laser show? No.

But not really. Really it's even unnecessary to expand on that issue Laser sensor It's complete nonsense they invented

Just to represent a particularly high DPI That are not actually used. And the worst part is that the DownScale does

The sensor to reach a reasonable and reasonable mouse speed for work simply creates amputations and frame skips

Which leads to absolutely absurdity For color inaccuracies. and hence: only Optical sensor (!)


My first and last laser mouse: Thermaltake Level 10M


lvl10.jpg? dl = 0


For further arguments and concerns, please contact Linus directly:




Now we only have to go over the matter of decorations:


RGB? Obviously. Proven to improve performance and even give atmosphere.

Just keep in mind that during use you can not see the LED covered in the palm

And it sucks a bit, so if possible it is advisable to make sure that there will not be a single LED like in the Taipan model of Razor that I recommended.


MMO and Sniper Button? Yes, why not? I did not get to use because I am not a certified RPG player,

I have no interest in a plethora of programmable buttons for these and other skills, but there are quite a few models that can be configured:


Corsair Scimitar PRO Optical MOBAMMO

 mmo.jpg? dl = 0


And I didn't enjoy a Sniper Button mouse either, but I read positive reviews about usability 

And that seemed really cool to me, by the way Full symmetric model Impressive I almost bought myself:

Corsair M65 Pro RGB

m56jpg.jpg? dl = 0


Please note that I like the products of Across Razor and others because they do not save material costs.

For them, everything is based on serious and massive aluminum that lasts for a long time and not just plastic, although in practice it has no real importance.

The only gaming mouse that got in my hands was actually a cruiser, the pulley started to fake me.

But it was your used mouse. You know what it went through and yet it worked for me for many beautiful years.

I also heard about quite a few glitches in a variety of different models so nothing can be deduced from that. Total Gaming Mouse is a lifelong durable product.


Well and what about sweat prevention ventilation ribs? Quite seriously ...

The Glorious Model O Really looks like a great mouse with great reviews.


colder.jpg? dl = 0


But it's just a gimmick ... I had the Level 10 originally designed in collaboration with BMW

With the aim of creating effective and real dynamics. But in practice, they realized it didn't really do anything

Although the mouse looked like a sieve. So they retired from the project so as not to tarnish their good name.


So maybe weights? Yes indeed! And even desirable!

I had already encountered mice that weren't heavy enough so it was Feeling cheap product

On the other hand, mice Too heavy You need too much energy to start moving
what makes it For inaccuracies in the small fluctuations. Logitech G502 


g502W.jpg? dl = 0


Just don't lie and pretend that putting weights solved the problem, or at least not from start to finish,

But it is this physicality Contributes to the feeling that something has improved there.


And to the wire? personally? No. That is, why mess with And pay more ??

In my humble opinion, the strings of gaming mice are built well enough and long enough to never interfere.

But unlike non-gaming mice - Today, there is no harm to exactly the color of the god wire versions

And so I would not object if someone deemed it appropriate to get rid of the thread forever. Only good luck with the loading 



are good. So that's it.

I'm done saying everything that's been on my heart all these years

So hope you enjoyed! I would love to receive comments and do not oppose multitude of opinions -_-


Edited By furyanaor
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