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What is the difference between a digital copy of a WIN10 and a standard copy?


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Naples, I appreciate your opinion and much help here in the forum but must put you on the wrong side!


If using a trial version was not valid Microsoft would not allow this way


from the start!


Almost every software on the market has a trial mode, usually with a time limit. Microsoft in this case decided


Put other restrictions. Bottom line there is no ban on using a trial version!

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I appreciate your appreciation. Thanks.

And for that matter -

I did not talk at all about a trial period.

As its name implies.

Some software is limited in time, some are limited in features and some are both.

In case of Write exactly what the conditions are for everything, 

From a trial period to the difference between OEM and retail.

Those who do not know / do not know, should read / ask / check.


Whoever wants, will work with a trial version forever, or break out

You In any form, and there is no shortage.

I do not go into anyone's pocket or computer.


Only this innocence, after all it works, probably confirmed and other vegetables

In the best of Israeli nature - in the moment of truth, illegality 


And again, anyone who does what he sees fit.



Quote of none77

You did not address the opener's question.


Right ! ( me too ).

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It's a good discussion to mention that Windows 10 is a spyware that tracks you and gathers information about you.

That's the real reason that Microsoft doesn't even care about operating the operating system or not.

The fact that there are people who are still willing to pay money to be followed is just a bonus for them.

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Cockatoo, you dig as usual. With all the help you provide to surfers, the amount of junk in your posts is insane. If you were to put together all the responses of all your accounts (including those that have been corrupted), you would probably have doubled my own, even though I've been here 15 years.


The whole discussion here is nonsense about something to consider using the TRIAL version of WINZIP or WINRAR for free. The developers want to pay for the software, that much is clear, but once they have decided not to block or restrict - the use is legal, is not considered a hack, and there is no restriction and no rule in the forum rules that prohibits discussions about it. Dot, end of verse.

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Using the operating system of Without proper licensing is a breach of the user's contract with the agreement he "signed" with .

During the installation of the operating system a window appears with the agreement of clicking on the button "OK" or "Next" confirms the contract that otherwise it is not possible to continue the installation.

On any computer that has the operating system of There is the contract file. The file is located in the SYSTEM32 folder named license.rtf.


Using the software, ie the operating system, without activation is possible but illegal. point.

. Zip agreement files

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With your permission, I will divide the matter into two.

As a former site staff, I will not disagree on what is allowed or not to discuss the matter on the site.

I have already mentioned, I think it is forbidden, but I am neither the manager nor the sheriff of the site.


Winrar and winzip do not belong either.

I mean, do not know what the policy is there,

Although, ALT, it was actually winrar announced at the time

Who are tired of them and will start suing for their software usage terms.


Anyway, what does it belong to windows?

The watermark is meant to remind you that the trial period has expired 

And it's time to either buy or delete!

And what if the windows spy or not after the user,

If it is in the interests of the company that they will still use,

If you have blocked or restricted the functionality of the windows.


I have a hard time understanding, what about all this and the EULA?

What to all the sibling and the judgments and fines that were snatched by all the wise

Both private and government over the years.


What now, we'll get to the point of wearing masks and all the excuses 

Of all the smart people on the street?

What about cocoa and other vegetables?


Want to discuss things that were banned earlier? Round it. The paddle!

But no excuse and argument will become invalid!




Of course my remarks are aimed at Qttp.


Thanks for the only sane voice so far, HelpSupport.

Edited By napoleon45
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Quote of napoleon45

Want to discuss things that were banned earlier? Round it. The paddle!

But no excuse and argument will become invalid!

It's also clear that no amount of bans you snatch will prevent you from stopping trashing the forum. As you know, I'm not here anymore either, so we'll stop the discussion here. That is, after your next response that will surely come soon. :) 

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To sum up your long argument - I understand that there is no essential difference between a regular copy and a digital copy, which is also strictly legal, only that instead of getting the software on a certain media (cd, for example) I get a download link and the serial. 


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