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There's not too much to do. It just works.

The difference between big companies is that they have better routing and bandwidth.

Bezeq International & Net at 200 Gbit / s is connected to IIX

Connecting abroad is more difficult to know, though International with their own underwater cable and Hot Net The last time I tried them they had good routing to London. And I haven't experienced speed limit in either.

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Connect to whoever you want

But what I've heard in reading in the Forums that ITC is a piece of shit with high access ping sand and loosening problems

From what I read best it is Net due to compatibility of With Hutent

Follow it International sometimes has problems with it normally

For the sake of proper disclosure, Andel has a 500 mega hottest through 109 + 11.9 per month for three months
(Every three months I ring and renew the offer) (The ritual I threaten to disconnect etc.)

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Quote of Jabberwock

So would you connect to ITC or not?

In the end, switching from one provider to another is quite simple. What matters is whether the level of service and price are good for your uses.

The competition is good enough to go for what is right for you.

Quote of Jabberwock

Provider אינטרנט Great or doubtful אינטרנט New in its field?

25 years ago everyone was small and then came the mergers and sales of ISP companies.

Recently, there is another trend of small companies riding on the infrastructure of big companies. I don't think there's a problem here.

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