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How to know how much RAM I can add?

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It looks like a laptop, it says U


Do you know what the computer model is?


It happens by chance EliteBook 840/850?


In principle, processor You can work with up to 32 gigabytes.


For computers There are all kinds of weirdness sometimes so you have to check by specific model.

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Please send the model The exact includes all letters and numbers Of the motherboard.

This is how we know.

It should be written to you or BIOS or simply write the exact model of the computer as above, including all letters and numbers.


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Yes this HP EliteBook 840 with Processor Processor Skylake U like I thought.


Basically this processor should work with up to 32G .


The site of That they list the possible configurations and list only the same size modules.


This is a bit odd to me and I'm not at all sure that means modules that are not the same size will not work together but that is what its name is.


My question is why do you need 24G , It's really a lot and probably won't be exploited unless you have a specific reason.

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I now work with 8 and I open only BlueStacks and a browser, and the computer starts to get stuck, showing that RAM is fully utilized.

I'm a computer science student, and I know that next year I'll have to work with quite a lot of software at the same time. I thought about adding another 8 simple but when I saw that the difference in prices is minimal, I said I would add 16 already (I found 16 for less than two hundred shekels HERE)


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I happen to have this model and I have now tried with 16 + 8 and 16 + 4 and it works. But the memory will not work in the DUEL CHANNEL (which is a negligible difference in performance as far as I checked), the question is if you think 16 will be enough for you in the future as well, if you expect you will want to upgrade then buy the 16.

840 g3.jpg

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The fastest memory your computer can work on is 2133.

Memories will work in the small common denominator of both.

Assuming that the memory you have now is 2133 then they will work at 2133 and that is the maximum anyway.

Regarding compliance , This is a somewhat complex question because there are memories that sometimes do not work well if some boards or with other models of .

The safest is to buy a memory module that is approved by the manufacturer of the computer in the case of I guess it's modules they sell.

Guess they can give a slightly more practical answer because he has some modules he has already tried.

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