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Computer screen not getting electricity?


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Hello everyone.

During the socket replacement at home, I was required to lower and raise the switch twice or three.

The computer was off during the day, the computer screen type U2312HM was on standby - did not work.

After replacing the socket and raising the switch - the computer screen does not turn on. Also no Stanby indicator - the screen's LED light is completely off.

I tried to unplug the power, press the power button for a few seconds, and reconnect to the electricity, to no avail.

The socket to which the monitor is connected does provide power for sure, since connecting another electrical device (charger to a cellphone) works properly.


1. What could be the cause of the malfunction?

2. Is this a relatively easy fix? how?

3. Is my wonderful computer screen final fried and forced to replace after 7 years of loyalty service? 😢


Thanks in advance to the assistants,


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Apparently this is a common glitch on this screen.

I had the same glitch on the same screen many years ago.

I found this post at the time

And burned in me exactly the same menstruation as in the guy from the post.

I believe that you are likely to burn it too.

If you have the ability and knowledge to disassemble the screen, check to see if it really malfunctioned and moisturize a new menstrual then this is a fix that will cost you no more than a few shekels.


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