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MHDD software problem testing hard disk


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I need help, someone a forum expert here. Can help me please make Bootable CD software MHDD for standard CD no CD Lien in DOS
Because I have a problem with the motherboard H310M-A in BIOS can't change to standard IDE there is only UEFI or legacy it BIOS does not mount and does not see SATA hard disk drives in DOS
The old MHDD software problem working in DOS is rising 98 very very old version and not suitable for motherboard. Should work in DOS of 10 or 7 or 8.1
Something like that. Someone who is a software expert who knows how to prepare for executing files DOS executable MHDD hard disk test software if there are defective sectors.
I like to look at MHDD software that shows you some numbers and some red and green colors and Xs and scaffolding sector errors that's very nice and it's excellent.
I'm not interested in working software installation inside Or 7 is not good. It is better to work in DOS


I would be very happy if you could help produce MHDD Launch software that fits my motherboard.


Thanks in advance!





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I downloaded HIRENSBOOTCD software, and tested HDDSCAN software
But it shows me both green and red. Don't understand why only these 2 colors.
I want to know some bad sector numbers and also shows a lot of colors
Various hard disk errors.


Is there any other new software similar to MHDD software? Make it easy to understand software that shows accurate hard disk errors.




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Thanks for giving me amazing software. It is excellent software and very easy.
I did a hard disk test and the results are excellent.
Now my hard disk is working properly.


Thank you

: )👌🤘????????💛💚💙💜



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