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Purchase in parts for a home theater system

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After a lot of waiting and testing, and within the budget, I purchased the Wharfedale Crystal 4.3 5.0 speaker system - that is, two Standing, two off-the-shelf speakers, and a center speaker. I purchased them almost new from someone who wants to upgrade to more awesome speakers. What is missing now for completion is: a receiver (probably Marantz SR6014), and a subwoofer (aiming to buy one from Wharfedale as well. 10 inches)



Crystal-Group-Alt [1] .jpg

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So that's it, they're still in cartons right now and will stay there for at least a few months. The goal is to assemble an Atmos system (eventually 5.1.2) for the new apartment we will move into.

A small living room, so you have to think about everything and every location.

In the end I probably will not go for Danon because I read about quite a few issues with their receivers. Lots of rehearsals.

Instead, I'll probably spend a little more and buy a rant. Optimally I would go for something like ARCAM, ANTHEM or NAD, but they are at different price levels, and even then it will be 7.2 instead of 9.2 that I can get with Mantz level devices. And Mrantz are still cheaper than Yamaha devices, either At the same level.

In the Mrantz I will probably go for the SR6014, unless the new SR6015 will not be expensive at unreal levels.

In terms of Of Wardale, I've already heard from the seller, and he's totally turned around.

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Yesterday I bought two more With the intention of using them as Atmos ceiling speakers:


The model is Infinity Primus P142. A slightly old model, but Infiniti is a quality brand and I got them new in a box at a great price.

I said "on purpose" because I was considering using the two Warpdale rear speakers as the ceiling speakers, and putting those on a back shelf in their place. Both because of weight, and also because of quality. what do you think? I would also love recommendations on mounting brackets that will be suitable for installation on a ceiling (concrete, not a raft ceiling). Something that will fit these speakers, and can carry a weight of up to 4-5 pounds and is adjustable.

Now only a receiver is missing ..



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Update: I decided to purchase a Mrantz receiver over the popular Danone (X3600H) model. The reason is that I read about more and more problems with Danon's receivers. Not necessarily problems that disable the device, but harm the user experience and show unreliability over time.

Mertz is a similar (more expensive) and more reliable option. Of course I would have preferred a step up example such as Anthem or Integra, or NAD, but it is no longer on a budget.

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