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Blue screens and crashes in games


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Recently I get blue screens almost every day. It usually happens that I play Rainbow Six Siege or after I play it. 

The error I get what BSOD is changing, but it seems to be all related to "ntoskrnl.exe". 

Other times I just get desktop crashes, without any particular Error.

At first I thought maybe it was related to the game, so I deleted and reinstalled on the 2 drives I have, and still did not help. I also reinstalled the card drivers and it didn't help.

Today I formatted the computer, half an hour after installation the game crashed, when I returned to the game, after five minutes I get Memory errors could not be read or something like that.


From what I have read it seems that ntoskrnl.exe is related to a problem , So I ran the test של And I found nothing. Intends to run Memtest later this week.


The computer is relatively new (less than a year), all new parts except the video card.

Can I exercise responsibility for the memories even though I don't have too much proof that they are the problem?

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Sounds like a problem (But there is a situation in the video card as well). 

I think if you try to run insurance then they themselves will run a memtest to make sure there really is a problem.

So recommend that you run a test yourself before trying to run insurance. And if the test passes successfully then try to run tests to video card. 

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I had such a case and another such case to my cousin. The problem with a video card is 99%. If you really want to figure out where the problem is -> take out a different stick each time And see if it's a course. If it is still a course download the settings of the video card and check its temp during effort. (HWZONE software for example, but there are some more favors). But from experience this is most likely a video card. 

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A small update.

As it seems the problem is with the XMP. As soon as I turned off the XMP for memories, and their speed dropped, the blue screens and crashes stopped (for the last two days at least).

Does that mean it's a problem with the memories and I can run a warranty or is the XMP just not stable?

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An update came out recently.

* Keep in mind that there is always a risk in updating.


Update, read the 40 version notes beforehand.

Returns values ​​by default.

Update chipset software.

You will see that there are no problems.

If you do not put xmp.

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Quote of none77

Update chipset software.

The problem is that as part of this process it transfers the BIOS to the backup chip, where an old BIOS is found that does not support the new Raisen. Edit: I meant the EC FW Update Tool

Do not update BIOS. It could very well be that the memory is not working at the declared speed. Perform a MEMTEST test. If it fails Activate Warranty.

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