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Failure to detect SSD when installing WINDOWS

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Hello everyone,

I recently wanted to upgrade a laptop that I really like in Who lay down and did nothing (MX100 256GB). I plugged it in and it recognized and everything was fine and I wanted to split it into drive C and something else so I accidentally made it a delit in choosing where to install the operating system and now in installation it does not recognize it at all. It should be noted that on any desktop computer it does recognize the this. Anyone know how to recover this?

Thank you in advance for helpers

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I have no problem with English but I do not know what you said there. Thanks for the answer but if possible a little clearer in a little more folk language I would love to


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After you start installation, press shift + f10. This will open you a recovery shell which is a special command prompt that runs in the installation of .

In this shell you can run diskpart to see what is the state of each volume connected to the computer.

diskpart itself contains a shell after you run it and you can run commands from it. Run a list disk name and if you find what you are looking for, select the volume on that disk and then clean on it.

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