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Computer cleaning blower


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Hi, I'm looking for a computer cleaner.
Deciding between 3 models. Budget up to 250 NIS. If you have something else to offer I would also love to hear.
In the meantime, what I'm debating is: (Looks like a vacuum cleaner but according to the reviews on this site also a blower)
what do you think?
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The vacuum cleaner is not worth it as a vacuum cleaner, preferably a blower. It is not at the same level of compressor or pressure spray.

The question is whether it is for personal use or for professional use.


If it is for professional use, a rule that you usually learn from the bad experience - in work tools that your livelihood will depend on, it is better to invest generously in advance and not save. 


If it is for personal use, then as long as you do it frequently and do not let the dust stick and harden due to moisture etc in the air then it will do the job.

Personal use - If the computer is an ashtray then a blower will also not be able to do the job without the help of a brush.


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Small paint brush, for lintels, etc.

If it is too delicate you can cut the hairs in the middle or so.

Suitable without any problem for cleaning the fans, the case and the ribs

All work is done without an electrical connection but as for the brush on boards and cards - there are those who fear static electricity and oppose - your decision. 


I said an ashtray on purpose to a computer that is smoked next to it, for some reason it sticks stronger than just dust. 


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