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What speed in torrents should I expect from 200 MB?


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200 MB, this is 204,800 parts 8, maximum speed of 25.6MB \ s. Of course they will not give you full download speed, in an excellent contract download speed between 0.1 MB and 200 MB.

I would try to check the matter with a physical connection to the router after it is disconnected for 2/3 minutes from the power and then turn it on and do a download test.

If the speed is not normal, there are a number of probabilities of what will happen.
* The frequency of the router is either too strong or too weak.

* The router blocks ports (something I suffered from in a modem integrated router from version 2 and so on)
* Computer blocks ports (less likely)

* The provider blocks ports

* Load on the hub or load on the servers

* The companies do everything but everything so that you do not get value for your money.


What can be done? Turn the router into a modem and bring in an external router or physically connect to the computer and give up the wireless interest.

This solution usually solves the issue of speeds, pings and blocking of ports. * Emphasis, Hotbox version 4 It is not possible in the management menu to define as a bridge and you should contact the customer service who will do it for them.

Another thing is to look for another provider, Hotnet / ITC - you will suffer.
Or move to another infrastructure

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@demultiplexerGirlfriend you all forget something important and simple I am in Hot + Net 500 megabytes and I download in torrents at 45 megabytes and I with hotbox 4

But when I would download with the hotbox torrents I barely got through the 8 good days it was 12 and the ping would jump to the sky something like 150 in the country and then I found out that their box is not worth a penny it does not meet the amount of connections and just heats up to the oven

****** Once I have turned the hotbox into a modem only and put it in Bridge Mode I put a router that will run everything (it is important to have 10/100/1000 on lines that you get more than 100) I get the maximum speed and the internet runs no ping falls all downloads speed And in private trackers I reach almost the maximum ************

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Quote of urib

Note! Eager to have Data Cap policy, if you exceed their limit ...

You begin to experience disconnections and a drop in torrent traffic.

Highly recommend purchasing VPN.

I went through 7 rounds of hell with Hot, in this matter.


Can definitely explain my experience when I was with ... until I switched to fiber optics and since then life has been strawberries ... at least in this area. 

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