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Looking for reviews on TMS

Saar Namir

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No-One Quote

Renew! What specifications did you buy?


With filters from here: https://www.demcifilter.com/search?q=tu150 

And a video card I had in the previous system RTX2080 + the two SSDs, which unfortunately I currently have no way to install them and because of this they depend in this way on the picture I took. And the RGB of course from Amazon.

The temperatures at this type of rest in this small package are in the high 30 range - 40 low (thanks to the expense of NIS 400 on the fans of .. I never thought I would spend such a sum on fans), I checked when in the background I ran all the installations of the computer, so it is not exactly at rest but also not with effort.

Edit: The picture of the window looks dirty because I have not yet downloaded the sticker, the case is super high quality.



Edited By Saar Namir
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Quote of Moon-Mage

Did you assemble the specifications yourself or were they recommended to you here?

I built it myself, because who knows what the computer is better for than me. Everything is calculated, from the extension of the processor to the speeds of the memories, cost versus benefit.

What's more, this is not a classic build of a specifications forum that you know is going to fit easily into the ATX chassis.

Here I had to "work" a bit - go through the motherboards and see who fits in terms of features (when there is not enough space on the board, need to make sure you really get what you need, because it is not trivial) RAM compatibility with cooling, cooling compatibility With chassis (even compatibility of cooling with motherboard, like X570 boards with Massive active that slides into the CPU area) - and if there was also room left to put the extra fan in the back, I had to make sure I had enough space for my video card - not bought from TMS, I just went to the manufacturer's website and checked by dimensions.

Then there is also the matter of temperature, I looked at a lot of reviews that included different configurations of And I was looking for what is most optimal.

I remember when I finally closed on the specs and ordered - TMS Yashar told me that "there is no way this is all going to go in, a small case, Huge - where will you put all this? "

If this is interesting to anyone - this is a channel that really helped me understand what I am facing: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRYOj4DmyxhBVrdvbsUwmAA



Edited By Saar Namir
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Quote of mzn

Oh what Cooling, Be careful not to accidentally freeze the processor. Renew looks good!
Dear TMS, a small request, download the lagging pop-up of פייסבוק, It bothers me to put together specifications and I have to block this element every time 😒

Thanks a lot, the cooling really does a good job.

Processor with vista Super light for 4.2 in all cores (which will not jump between 3.6 and 4.2, which will be like always in the turbo) at 1.2 V does not even reach 60 degrees in Time Spy \ Cinebench.

And the video card with +500 for the core and 800 for the memories scratches the 70 degrees from below, in the previous ATX case it would reach the 80+ area, with its limit being between 83 and 88.

The cooling does a really good job.




Edited By Saar Namir
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Adds a small video where you can see the temperatures in "effort".

For those wondering if it can be done With "only" 6 cores, and if there is a bottleneck for the processor with 2080 (hint: no, the video card always reaches almost 100% in every game and never goes down).

Just notes that in terms of performance, without (OBS) I get something like 20 more frames. And my maximum is 240 because it's the refresh rate of my screen.

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  • 1 month later ...
Quote from qrdwlhrmy

Problem I bought some computers from them 

2 of them installed came with a damaged board!
And one more time they burned my computer from a connection Cooling Erroneous 

And escaped liability for parts not purchased from them 


Today there are cheeky children there destroying what Kirl built 

Not good technical service 

Compete in price and that's it 


This is what is left in the country today 

Once you have paid there is quickly their reference 


Therefore it is as attractive as possible to buy a new computer 

Then you should be asked what KSP is worth which is a terrorist cell 

Very expensive neighborhood stores (if any in the area)
New technicians in white coat + unreliable sales people 



I would be happy to answer if you at least send me an order number or name on an invoice

As far as I can remember we did not burn anyone a computer at all in the installation of refrigeration


  How can we give a warranty on something not purchased in the store?

Today the store employs twice as many people as we had a year ago + Eilat branch. Children are they are not, the majority between 2-25 

Excellent team of technicians - here I will unite something, we have a team in the lab that answers the phones, people have a tendency to think that this is technical support that works 24/7 and it is part of jobs, no one pays us a monthly subscription unfortunately and almost every day after technicians ask for a component. / Computer they get an answer "Not in TMS but I just have a question ...."


We also have fantastic after-sales service.

In any case I would be happy if you specify what it is and check the case of 2 + boards You mentioned here



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I have not yet been able to really update as I wanted regarding the computer because it is not working properly, unfortunately the rabbi.

I corresponded with the store around the month already by email, and by the time I finally got an answer about arriving for an inspection - the closure came in again. So in the meantime I'm working on my laptop because the computer just's unstable and I can not trust it not to drop a blue screen on me by surprise (blue screen has already corrupted my operating system installation).

For the curious, here's a video of the glitch - https://photos.app.goo.gl/tehPVeT2dScC6b9v7

Hopefully it will work out soon, because I am really losing my patience, I have not enjoyed it yet - neither in games nor at work.





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