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Brooklyn 99 - The poorest entertaining series you will ever see. Post Bing Nerve Discharge

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"Do not meet your heroes," right? So here's a new one "Do not watch your heroes for too many hours"

Amalek; Brooklyn 99 - The poorest entertaining series you will ever see. Post Bing Nerve Discharge

During this online semester, Brooklyn 99 filled me with a lot of free time (and a lot of hours at the expense of studying obese) and a lot of shortcomings. The series was my place of refuge, the most entertaining and good hours of the day, and even the friends with whom the communication of the Corona seas waned: Jake was the cool hero and beloved idiot; Amy was the most entertaining ocd in the neighborhood; Terry was the most gentle and considerate bully possible - in short, great company, great scene and great dynamics.

After hundreds of hours of repeated viewing, here is my current take on the series: 
- Righteous and pious in a vomiting manner. 
- Sickly ticklish.
- Pushes political correctness deep deep down the throat in an artificial and jarring way. 
- Boasts good intentions and consideration for the feelings of the other, but of course only the "cool" other (Scully and Hitchcock from the hygiene challenges get a humiliating and disparaging attitude, and the more the better). 
- Zigzagically zigzags between sarcasm, narcissism and romance in shekels. 
- Provides an abundance of police bullying that is sure that justice is shining from her ass. 

And Jake's faces, oh Jake's faces - one moment he manages the whole world around him and decides his fate, who is cool and will be honored and who is poor and will be humiliated serially. Exploits Boyle who is in love with him at every opportunity and never misses an opportunity to crush him; A moment later it is full of justifying faces and full of pity, almost vomiting his soul when forced to do something rude, apologizing on behalf of all the men in the world to pretty much every woman he meets, full of self-torment for the most nonsensical things there are. 

In short, shut yourself up - did you come to laugh or talk abysmally about me too? To me the disgusting Hollywood morality should not be expressed in sitcoms in serious terms, and Jake and Amy have lost me as a friend forever. Let someone tell them .......

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Without referring to the identity of the writer, I agree with every word.


From my review in another forum:


a quote

There are characters (Rosa) who are simply for abuse to promote the nonsense of the writers.

The pinnacle of records for me was devoting an entire chapter to awarding a prize to police officers who did not prevent a crime because Shabach witnessed it.
The whole episode is full of phrases like "unrecognized", "unregistered" etc. instead of "illegal".
A series about cops (!) Praising disrupting an investigation, failing to stop 2 criminals and abandoning the victim just because it fits the writers' agenda.


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