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The computer will not turn on


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About two months ago my wife bought me a desktop computer for my birthday. The computer worked fine for a month and a bit and then it did not turn on at all (no lights and no fans).

The computer would work again after a few days (during which it was not plugged in). I thought maybe there is a problem in the socket, so I checked other sockets in the house and it did not help, also I bought a lightning protector did not help.

There is a warranty on the computer, I took it to the store's lab and Pix worked for them. I returned the computer to the house and at first it worked and the day after that it did not work again. I took him to the lab again and they said they did him a doubt test (don't know how reliable it is) and they work just fine. Brings home an electrical plug, works a day and then does not work. Lately I notice that the computer only works in the evening and not in the morning (something strange).

The whole computer is new and I do not understand what could be the problem.

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Insist on the responsibility of having it replaced for you. Tell them this is the third time this has happened and if they are unable to fix they will give you a new one. There are companies that respect themselves and will give you service. Do not give up, it comes to you as part of the computer repair warranty. Not necessarily where you bought but from the manufacturer HP or Or what you bought

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I tried to offer from the outlet and press on the fuel for half a minute to release voltage and it did not help.

I took it now to another repair lab and it worked for them, and I returned home and it did not work for me.

Do not already know what to try. The computer from TMS and they told me to bring it to their lab in Netanya, now if I bring it up there (I'm from Ashdod) and it will work there then I'll go crazy.

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What I fear is happening is this period of time that the computer is disconnected from the power> travels to the lab> connectors to the power for testing, during this time the power is disconnected from the power and goes back to work.

Something that has happened to me in the past.

There is a lot of gray space, try to disconnect the computer from the power supply for an equivalent period of time for your trip to the lab, and the test itself.

* Keep in mind that there are labs that want to put the computer with them and ask you to come back when there is a diagnosis including proof that the computer works, that they perform the test to the hole, sometimes 10 minutes before you arrive and claim to have sat on it all day. So this period of time of power discharge should be taken into account in your home inspection.

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Lately I have also noticed flashes of lights in my house. Maybe it's due to power outages and that's what might be causing the power outage.

And because of this he needs time to release the tension and after that it will work ?? In this case maybe a break will solve the job ??

I was now in the lab where I bought the computer and had it replaced New. (I was with 650 and they named me 700 because they did not have 650).

I went back home and he worked well and the next day he did not work again.

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