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A brand new benchmark of power: NVIDIA announces Geforce RTX 3000 series


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I watched the launch and was quite impressed. This is one of the biggest leaps there they have made since their inception in my opinion. It is amazing that a $ 500 card (the 3070) will give better results than a $ 1200 (2080TI) card in the previous generation. If the reviews prove they are right the dream of 4K / 60FPS with RT will finally be realistic. If their claims are true, do not see how Manages to be competitive (again) with RDNA2. Someone wants to buy 2080: lol: Not really a neat review but a glimpse of what to expect. Shown here is a jump in fish performance in the 60-80% range between 2080 and 3080: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWD01yUQdVA

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Quote of huber

Preliminary overview of third-party manufacturers' graphics accelerators: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7puH-8aCfBY

Just clickbait (not yours, theirs). Go through the manufacturers' sites and recite what is written there with some mentions of what was in previous generations that chances are not at all relevant.

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An exemplary presentation and seems like a classic launch of NV with a stock of models and designs from all manufacturers.
They achieved the "wow" effect and by and large, all that remains is to wait for the performance tests and see what the performance enhancement is without RT.

Estimates that this time the tickets of NV itself - FE versions - will be very attractive and will sell as the cost of the 3rd most expensive side tickets.

4K 144HZ "for the masses".

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NVIDIA releases along with the new cards an add-on for GEFORCE EXPERIENCE called REFLEX:

The goal is to measure the LATENCY from the moment the mouse is clicked until the click is received as an image on the screen, a great feature for those who need it.

Although the subject is quite mundane in some YouTube channels, it's worth seeing how low FPS creates LATENCY:




If anyone is familiar with other software that measures LATENCY in a similar way I would love to update, I'm pretty bit bitter about this topic lately.

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Everyone is busy with the gaming capabilities of the 3000 series, but there is a new guy in the neighborhood ...

RTX 3000 cards, first time allow encoding of AV1 At the hardware level!

This AV1 Kodak is going to replace the older H.264.

In short: 3000 series, a dream for all editors And streamers fed up with H.264.

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