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2080ti at $ 500


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As stated in this thread including by the author of these lines, the 16 / 20GB versions Exist and are beyond rotation.
Accidentally or unintentionally slipped out into the net. There are even model codes.

This means that as we said, NVIDIA knows full well that 8 / 10GB is not really enough in this round of

Series 3000 to provide a solution for the entire life of the road (3-5 years?) 
So they will sell the same tickets twice, especially to those in a hurry (who are under the impression that they are not doing this for themselves and their pockets
Account, so if they are such indifferent, then to a great extent they will pay and much).
They will be sold truncated versions once , And a few months later the full versions (correct versions).
After all, why sell one ticket for $ 700 if a poisoned amateur can sell two for $ 1500 together : ) ?
The readers of this thread, the members of the forum who invest time in reading carefully for learning and understanding, will do themselves a favor, if they hold back a little in favor of
The correct versions of the card. I understand November / December. Keep them aside in response to RDNA2 :



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The island problem is mainly in UHD, although there are problematic games in QHD as well.


And as already mentioned in the following video and in many other places, whoever buys a ticket for $ 700, is close (very likely) not to buy to compromise on graphic settings, not in a year and certainly not now.




Who wants to buy now:

1.Tell us where to sell

2. That will post another year of VRAM efficiency, we would love to learn.


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I will add to your no-one words that we are witnessing - here is just this thread as evidence that there are those "who have no patience".

The truth is, they are not interested at all either. And it should not interest us, that it does not interest them.


If you look at the root of their hearts, for them to buy now around 4000 NIS 3080 card, and even at 5000 if they do not get the right amount.

There is no problem (and for them) any problem next year already, buy another 3080 improved with 20GB for a similar amount, and immediately sell the previous one second hand,

Let's say at NIS 2000. That is to absorb 2000 shekels damage to the pocket in a short time, does not interest them. Small on them.


For consumers whose strategy this is, "our warning" to wait a bit to see what happens next is irrelevant in the first place. Has not been and will not be

Never relevant. This is a completely different style and tactic.


Therefore we will explain:

We sound our warnings about something that does not seem and feels reasonable to us about this suffocated memory volume, to the ears of such consumers,

That are not stressed. For those who do want the new generation, actually thought of buying it now, but that's not what they're thinking about or fantasizing about.

On it day and night, an hour an hour of their time. This video card is nice, but not the focal point in life for them.


Our warning addresses where the restrained, mature, calm, settled-minded consumer is. Which for him let technology mature about a quarter - if only to avoid a mishap

When faced with an attempt at a new technology, it is charged that it sounds right to them, that makes sense to them, that speaks to them.

When they continue to claim a chance to compete (AMD) to show at the end of October what it is offering and at what price, that also makes sense to them,

After all, it's just around the corner so what's the pressure as they say. Finally, we show that there is a strong expectation for 3080 versions with bigger

Probably already this year (as it seems), volume Who seems to need this card in light of its processing power, for them is already closing

The dilemma is final and it is definitely to take one step back and wait until December in order to understand to the full picture the whole.

To the intellect and attitude of this target audience we speak.



Man man and his strategy. There is no point in raping the attitude of one group - so that it fits in with the worldview of consumers from the other group.

Anyone who is not interested in him and belongs to the first group as described above in this post, is invited for respect, and love as well, for an area of ​​patience, and to ignore from now on and to you

From someone trying to warn in a thread זה And recommend consumers wait a bit (about a quarter of an order of magnitude).


The mantra of those from the first group, and it is to buy here and now and there will be what, in Matuta, I ask as a personal favor for me,

Advertise - Explain - Justify - Pampamo ... and what not, we will publicize with a paid professional publicist if you will, but in a separate dedicated thread that you will develop on the subject. 

Give it a beautiful and compelling title: "Why buy a 3080 with 10GB now and not wait for one more unnecessary moment. "

I promise, not to disturb him and not to say a word. To be honest, I probably won't even get into it. And so I will ask in advance the forgiveness of these 

In the new thread he will open, God forbid no one will be offended by it : )


This thread was opened by the annoying old nec donkey, and it appeals to a different mentality - of those from the other group.

Thus, through the separation of discussion groups, each for its own threading, calm and rest will come upon the land.

Show a blessing.



I have opened for you as a member service, a thread labeled as I recommended. Go there and continue to run it happily. Good luck friends 👍

For your convenience and the convenience of the reader, I even hung a direct link here - continue its name:



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What I did not understand (nor did I understand in the Hardware Unboxed channel) is why do I need 20VRAM for the upgraded version? 16 This is more than enough to look at the future of gaming in the next 3 years.


Another thing, 3070 with 16VRAM, and 3080 with 10VRAM ?! Here I have already lost the logic of , Etc. is designed for editing / machine learning software etc. that require large VRAM, because in gaming this ranking just does not make sense.

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This is a limitation of the memory controller:

3070 works with a 256-bit controller and therefore can get duplicates that fit it 4/8 / 16GB

A 3080 card works with a 320-bit controller and therefore can get duplicates that fit it 5/10 / 20GB

A 3090 card works with a 384-bit controller and therefore can get duplicates that fit it 6/12 / 24GB


A 3060ti / super card has also been leaked, which will work with a 256-bit controller and will therefore be able to (similar to 3070)

Work with the 4/8 / 16GB multipliers


For comparison shows, 1080ti / 2080ti cards work with a controller 352 bits and therefore can work

With the multiplications 5.5 / 11 / 22GB


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