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Legal question


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Hi, everyone,


Recently, the Ynet portal pops up a message on every page of it, warning that the browser has an ad blocker installed.

This means that Ynet's code incorporates an algorithm that checks whether an ad blocker is installed in a browser.


And the question - is this an illegal intrusion into a computer?


Thanks in advance.

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Quote of etal

Technically they just put an ad on their page and check if it does appear or if something else is interfering and hiding it, they are not really checking if an ad blocker is installed on the computer.


How to page 'Know' to determine whether an ad embedded in it is displayed in the client browser or hidden by an ad blocker?

Is this test not an unauthorized intrusion into a computer? Is there no invasion of privacy here?

Of course I do not expect to get lines of server side code here, but the principle ..

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Any site That you enter it runs a code in your computer (javascript) and in that you enter the site you actually confirmed the execution of this code *. For reasons of And the privacy of this code is limited by the fact that it only runs inside the browser and can only interact with the same site from which it came and it can not access other things on your computer.

Since the advertisement is also part of the same site to which the code has access, then the code accesses various parameters of the advertisement and checks whether the display mode parameter is visible or hidden, whether the height and width are greater than zero and the like.


* You may of course turn off running the javascript code in the browser but a large portion of the sites will not work properly.

Edited By etal
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