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The computer hangs, blue and black screens, does not reach the load of Windows.


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The computer has been having problems lately.


Let's start with the fact that in some games the processor works on 95% -100% and falters (in Apex Legends for example).


This week there were two cases of crash for example blue which says there was a glitch and the computer needs to do a restart.

Today the computer froze in the middle of a game (Roblox, does not require much), pressed the restart button and since then it has not risen.


When they tried to restart the computer brought up the splash screen of the motherboard and then it went black and that's it. After a few tries I asked to restart and leave the computer on, what appeared after a few minutes is an orange screen (attaching an image).


According to the instructions on the website of I was able to get to the repair screen and I am currently waiting for it to finish (may take more than an hour).


I went through the sticky and despite that I decided to bring up the issue here in case anyone else encounters it.


What do you think the problem could be?

The computer specifications that appear in the updated profile.


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Quote of Moon-Mage

What is the computer and how old is it? Artifacts usually indicate a problem with the video card.

5 years at least, do not remember so much. The newest part is the video card (I bought the card when Fallout 4 came out and About a year ago).


Computer specification

Processor: Intel 3.2GHz 6MB I5 1150 QUAD 4460

Provider: A.PFC Thunder 450W CoolerMaster

Motherboard: MSI 1150 H81ME34 H81

Internal memory: ADATA CL9 XPGV1.0 4GB 1600MHZ
Internal Storage 2: Crucial 4GB 1600 CL9 Balistix Sport XT 1.5V Retail

Hard Disk: 7200 64MB SATA 1TB

Graphics Card: GTX 1060 SC GAMING 6GB GDDR5




From the moment of writing this post it is still in the state of the attached image, for some reason it seems to me that it is not going to solve the problem 


Edited By smootskin
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Quote of Moon-Mage

Well then there seems to be a problem with the disk on which Windows is installed, luckily it is one of the cheapest components there is and very easy to replace.


It is a drive Relatively new (year +).

I was able to get to the installation screen , This drive is still in the formatting stage for 4 hours!


You're right, I need to exercise responsibility.


But what to do now? Restart to a computer? It will not knock the drive completely? It's still in the middle of the Sermot process and the computer is stuck 

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