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The computer reports a printer error

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Connected to my computer Laser XEROS PHASER 3240 PCL 6 Recently I can not print because the computer reports 

About "error" in the printer, the printer itself does not report any malfunction, I noticed that recently the color of the prints was weak, could it be the reason for the "error" and Eli to purchase a new ink cartridge?

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This is a printer , So I guess you should buy toner and not ink.


But before doing so, it is worth analyzing the situation.


1. What exact error is the computer reporting?

2. How is the computer connected to the printer?

3. Have you tried another computer?

4. Did you try to print a test page from the printer itself?

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Hello and sorry I did not see your response immediately.

It's indeed about adding toner, but, maybe the printer broke down?

In printer mode the word "error" usually appears without a detail, but sometimes the word error disappears and the message "2 documents in line" appears but, in both cases it does not print either my page or the test page.

The printer is connected to a computer via a cable. When I click on "Hardware Properties" I get the message "This device is working properly".

Thanks in advance


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Occasionally when there are strange problems or errors that are not updated with the printer (even though you have fixed them) then it is worth going to services.msc and from there getting to the printer spooler and resetting the service. It fixes management issues with printers and clears queuing documents or other errors.

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