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Something new has changed in Windows 10 Pro version 2004 - regarding Outlook 2013 mail


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I have 10 Pro Language Hebrew Version 2004. I made a login password 10
and I have Pro Language Hebrew. I made full updates and also Full updates.
I open Outlook 2013 and suddenly a small window opens asking for a password, and write "Enter your username and password
For the next server. "I entered a password and marked down in a small square" Save this password in your password list "
And it works without problems. That I'm turning off a computer. After 10 minutes or more I turn on a stationary computer.
I open Outlook 2013 and suddenly a small window opens again asking to enter a password. It happens to me twice asking for a password.
I was trying to figure out where the problem was with Outlook 2013. I tried to turn off a login password 10
And I restarted a computer. and- 10 rises straight to the desktop.
I open Outlook 2013 and suddenly do not ask me to enter a password. And automatic straight
Receives emails and also sends emails. Proper Outlook. And Outlook password is kept and working and working properly.

I also did a computer shutdown and computer shutdown and opens Outlook and no small window opens asking me to enter a password

And it works and works fine.


I wanted to know if it's true that this is not a malfunction. Question, Is the 2004 version new
Apparently Microsoft made a change in About Password Login
It does Protection also Outlook that always asks me to enter an Outlook password.

Is it true that it's not a glitch and it's ok in the 2004 version, and it's the same thing for everyone in the world doing like that?


Anyone know this phenomenon?


Do you continue to work as usual with a password login And Outlook always asks me to enter a password and manually register an Outlook password always. Right?


Thanks for the helpers


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