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ZEN3 - The latest and freshest information available


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We all already know that the launch is Otto on 8.10.2020

What we do not know and is now almost officially announced is that the series will be called 5000 and not 4000.
Because they want to avoid this confusion / confusion with the computer processor series .

Beyond the familiar configuration of 6/8/12/16 cores, there may be an additional 10 cores processor,  
As a direct competitor to 10900's . Not sure but hint at such a possibility.


More we can know that the deputy to Lisa Sue has released an official presentation to investors, that ZEN3 processors
They are the most powerful processors the world has ever seen and they are market smashers. He called them "monstrous."

We do know from half a year ago, that third-party lab measurements that work with the product, and leaked from the content (maybe on purpose?)
Found an improvement of size 15 and even 20 percent in IPC. That it's crazy. also Itself at the time claimed to improve order
Such a size (15%) in early 2020.

* Working frequency boosts up to 4.9Ghz in engineering sample processors.


Because of this, CPU prices are expected to be high this time around. Also because they are produced in the latest lithography available
7nm EUV which is currently priced in the sky, but also because Learned from the others: When you're with the horse up,
There is no reason not to take advantage of the situation in order to maximize your profits. Prices will be rolled into the product itself and into the pockets of consumers, there is no choice.


Hopefully the 8-core processors will not exceed $ 400 MSRP. But in one case or another, even if they are expensive,
They will be more powerful in what is important to IPC (Gaming and Photoshop) consumers than processors either way.
This is in addition to the fact that in everything related to productivity (multi-core), already last year the 3000 = ZEN2 series passed
You A long time ago, then, all the more so.


** I see here an option for Intel's need to generate a response in the form of reducing the prices of its laboratories across the sector, if the gap is opposite Will expand.





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Another interesting thing that will be new in ZEN3 is the individual boost of each Separately, and no longer dependence of the single cores

Per second when the CPU is in the all mode boost.


That is, all You will get an individual boost curve for itself. 

As is well known all cores are not born equal in quality in the same silicone unit. In the new method all Will be raised to working frequency

Its own maximum and independent of weaker cores in the same processor, the ones that previously castrated the processor.


Example of understanding:

In the previous generation say zen2, the processor had 8 cores. Was not interested in the boost mechanism having better or better cores

Less, still, working frequency of all boost was unfortunately locked to the frequency of the weakest core in the processor, which in turn

She wrote the work frequency for the other cores as well. Whether they wanted to or not. Call it the minimum core.

And the minimum dictated all boost frequency.


In the zen3 generation it will not happen again, and the good cores that can run say say up to 4.9ghz will no longer be affected by crappy cores

Capable of performing say only 4.5ghz.


In this way the measurement of the total working frequency of the processor will be more sophisticated, it will be required to give a value that is the average frequency

The overall run of the CPU, which perfects the running frequency of all the cores together and makes an average of the result.

In this method the total CPU output will be higher than in the previous generation. That is, maximize what the silicon gives.


Another interesting thing if I understood correctly, is that the operating system will require a small update (patch for the operating system 10

For example), who will teach her who are the most powerful cores and who are the least powerful, so that the operating system can choose wisely,

Through these cores it drives some workload. The system will try to make the most of the work using the cores

The better, and will discharge the least heavy load on the less good cores of the CPU.

Going to be very interesting generation ZEN3 and without a doubt, Here is a lesson for Intel.


What we can learn from this is that if the Generation Risen 3000 has already rendered by itself the manual acceleration to no longer worthwhile,

After all, the Risen 5000 generation goes one step further, and literally takes out the term Manually out the window of concepts,

At the elaborate mechanism of individual boost to all Going to maximize everything the CPU is capable of giving anyway. Max juice.


What we have so far will be summarized:

א. A processor that is merged into a unified ccx, which means that all 8 cores work using the same cach level 3, which will improve

Significantly the latency that previous generations of Risen suffered from. This is especially evident in gaming and software like Lady


B. Working with a single cache for each processor, in fact, presents to each core a double cach volume that it sees from now on. Every core

From now on see all 32MB Cache and not just half = 16MB. That means there will be many more hits to the information found in

cach than in the past, which again, will save general memory loss events, and will save communication to the remote cach in the CCX module

The second. In fact, the total amount of cach in the processor will be apparently the same = 32MB, but in the new configuration it is effective 

Worth a lot more. Since there is no need to keep duplicate copies of information, one in each CCX module as before.

ג. Improve IPC by the order of 15% (we will try to be conservative and leave the 20% currently protesting to the terms).

ד. An increase in the running frequency of all To the CPU average, which will range from 4.5 cores to 4.9 cores,

Ie something around 4.7ghz. This is compared to the 4.3-4.4 dialing area of ​​the previous generation. There is about 10% improved working frequency here

Average in all core and it's not bad at all either.

ה. Improved memory controller and infinity fabric ratio working mechanism versus speed , Which should lead

Improve memory bandwidth.

ו. There is also talk of an improvement in the latency of memory compared to the previous generation, due to improvements in cattle.

ז. Probably typical improvements in the prediction mechanism by adding more dictionaries and the like ...  
* We will learn more about this when they issue technical documents of the product and publish patents.


On the face of it and with the full caution required at this stage, a 15% IPC combination, plus an additional 10% at the average operating frequency of

The processor, combined with CCX with a unified cache, combined with memory and impedance enhancements, will lead to a significantly faster processor than the previous generation

(Which was fast on its own and those of us who remember what the Risen 3000 brought to the arena).

That is, an analysis of all the above technical findings, with the leaks and statements from senior executives Who said "monstrous" processor

(This is the terminology used in public - did not hide) leads me to understand, that as it seems, this is a horse that breaks

New limits of ability. Something that all advanced computing enthusiasts and heavy users, even if they have an Intel processor

8/10 new cores from the last year, including Risen generation 3000 users, are going to crave it and act vigorously in order to

Upgrade to it. This is a significant increase of 20-30% on an estimated scale, compared to what we knew (core versus core).

Not funny at all.


The joy for me is twofold - these are also new options and a refreshing innovation for consumers -> there is room for improvement,

And at the same time will flood the market with processors and boards of only yesterday morning, in the second-hand market. In my estimation, quantities of

Good systems for the used market. Which will allow in turn (for those who are not pressed for the last word), upgrade to a processor / system

Modern, with money relatively comfortable in the pocket. To me this angle is no less interesting and perhaps to a large extent, even more so.


I watch quite a few 9900, 10900, 3800, 3900, 3950 processors being ejected into the market and these will have to be sold significantly cheaper

More than their new price today. Otherwise in hand 2 they will not be touched - certainly not when it's the dizzying performance of the Risen 5000.


Approaching from moment to moment the hour when I will upgrade the 2500K ... ahm .. ahm ... sorry choking,

My 2600K from 2011. For those who are not updated, I recently upgraded to 2600K thanks to the praise of a dear friend.

He had a few of these and it cheered me up with one. Bless the friend. The 2500K was handed over to one of the children.

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A nice summary of the latest leaks.

Two small fixes:

1. Today you can play with the speed of each CCX individually. You can do it in Or through software like master. In new processors this flexibility will increase.

2. Not sure about the flooding of recent Intel processors. As opposed to a processor upgrade For the new generation (it can be simple to replace a processor and that's it), a move from Intel also requires a new board and significantly micromanages the story. In addition, judging by the current generation, not necessarily all processors came out right away. For example the 3950x that arrived a few months later.

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Quote of the captaincaveman

A nice summary of the latest leaks.

Two small fixes:

1. Today you can play with the speed of each CCX individually. You can do it inBIOS Or through software like RYZEN master. In new processors this flexibility will increase.
2. Not sure about the flooding of recent Intel processors. As opposed to a processor upgrade AMD For the new generation (it can be simple to replace a processor and that's it), a move from Intel also requires a new board and significantly micromanages the story. In addition, judging by the current generation, not necessarily all processors came out right away. For example the 3950x that arrived a few months later.


For 1, what is going to happen in the next generation 5000, is that the automatic mechanism will perform this maximum and optimal conversion

on the fly. It will no longer be necessary to manually calibrate or capang anything, everything will be done automatically in such a way that manual is not and will not be possible

Find a place for further improvement. It speeds up automatically in real time. Pleasure of thing to my taste. that's how it's supposed to be.


Regarding 2, indeed those who already have Risen with a modern enough board, will be able to save the purchase of the new board and use the board

Current and save money. On the other hand my husband They will be required to replace the entire platform - including a board and processor, which will cost them their business.

But, because I understand the Risen 5000 is going to be a significant breakthrough, it will be so winking that many will be willing to perform

This financial outlay. This time it will not just be something interesting in front of processors , Or something like that that can be debated

As for him whether to take him or you , This time it's going to be something that shatters Intel and the Risen 3000 from end to end. curry

Everyone will want this thing that will be second to none in the market. Similar to Nudeia and its products by the way.


I also think / think similarly to the one you wrote, because at first the top processors did not go on the market, but only a few months later. this

In order to sell the top processors twice to these customers, they "always need" the last word in their hand. These once

One will buy at launch the 12 cores that will be the flagship at the time, only to 2-3 months later, buy again once

The new top, the new 16-core processor that came out afterwards. And so Two sales to the same customer. A known trick

Which exploits a particular share of the target population.


Also from what I understand, the prices of the 5000 generation processors are going to absorb an increase in price compared to the current generation. Ouch.

We are currently hoping for an 8-core processor that will not cost over $ 400. Even this is really not sure to happen, that if the performance goes up

In the new generation between 20-30%, hungry consumers will open their pockets (and legs) even at $ 500 for such an 8-core processor. There will also be

Those who will happily pay $ 1000 for the new flagship 12/16 cores without too many traces. Let's be reminded, anyway

At first the supply of processors available for sale in the market, small on demand. Without a doubt AMD will maximize the opportunity window

This to the end, and will sell at the maximum price it can, a price which finds the balance between (much) demand and (limited) supply.

It will take a quarter or more for things to calm down and prices to drop to reasonable levels.

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The launch of Generation 5000 is currently underway / leaked / guessed - to show something like this:

Initially, at 8.10 I mean, only 8 and 12 core processors are going to be launched. The models will be

The 5800-core 8X has a painful MSRP price of $ 499

5900X with 12 cores at an MSRP price of $ 699


The 5800X processor will be faster than the 10900K not only in productivity and despite the lack of 2 cores compared to it, but also

In gaming and Photoshop. So even at a relatively high price of $ 499 it will sell in adequate quantities. More than enough over the supply to be available

From the manufacturer, the supply is not going to be particularly high. 7nm EUV production line in It is new so the scope of the creature in it

Significantly lower than the old 7nm generation at this point and has a lot of customers other than .


The 5900X processor will compete with the 3950X performance despite the lack of 4 cores. The significant upgrade in 5000 generation performance will compensate

On this gap. That is, in terms of productivity, it will be interesting compared to it, it may be considered a plus or a minus, but when it comes to applications

Who need high IPC he will give him a knockout. So a price of $ 699 looks relatively competitive and decent compared to $ 750 of 3950X

And even constitutes a small discount.


6-core processors (5600x?) Will not be launched at first, due to a limited amount of silicone from the 7nm generation Which justifies at least

At first, take advantage of each piece of silicone and sell it at full / high price. That is, sell it in an 8-core processor configuration

and above.


It is estimated that 6-core processors, as well as the 16 cores (5950x?) Will only be launched on December 20 or January 21 in general.

It all depends on how much silicone will be available for From the production lines, which is what will dictate what is possible and what is not.

Estimated prices are $ 349 for 6 cores and $ 899 for 16 cores.


The new hexagon, if we are talking about a 20-30% improvement in overall performance, will compete directly against the 8 cores

9900k and will beat it not only in productivity as it seems, but also in gaming / Photoshop. Hence the starting price

At $ 349 it does not seem detached from market rationale in this aspect and even cheap (relative to competition). 


The new 16-core is going to be the flagship of the world of home / office computing, will be equivalent to the 24-core processors of

The outgoing generations. A server processor is considered, a formidable workstation processor, which justifies a price of $ 899 without batting an eyelid and not

I would be surprised if they pay more for it if only Ask. She is slowly learning chapters in books that Intel and Nudia have written a long time ago.

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Something interesting and even fascinating If Is true, and I doubt very much of course,

There is now a rumor that Zen3 The process of minimizing the io die, from 14nm in the Zen2 generation to 7nm in the Zen3 generation,

This is mainly to free up more space on the processor, in order to allow more chiplets on it.

This means, for example, that mainstream processors can reach up to three chipsets for a total of 24 cores.

At this time I am very skeptical, but worth a peek if only for the sake of it.




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