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ZEN3 - The latest and freshest information available

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The Risen 5000 is so powerful in this generation that the jump over the previous generation is one of the biggest if not the greatest of all I remember since 2009 in the industry.

So there was probably no need to push the CPU right to the edge by force. When you are already leading and winning the walking competition, another 2-3% more or less

No longer relevant ...



Intel will take it out of its belly as seen in the video, and go back to its roots. This is how a new cycle begins ...

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

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Heat the room in winter.

If @captaincaveman has already commented (and rightly so) to @ aviv00 then I will allow myself to comment here as well that they say "on the contrary" and not "to much". The origin of the word is in Aramaic, for those who are wondering. This is not the first time, so I comment ...

My slowest core reaches 4750 and the speed exceeds 5 GHz. crazy

Attached Images

As far as I am concerned, the 5600X and 5800X processors are more successful for home use and gaming, and we will explain:

They are also capable of reaching all working frequency Probably better than the processors that hold two chiplets,

Around 4.85Ghz compared to just 4.7ghz, nor does it have the known communication problem between In one cipple in front of its core

In the second ciphal.


Both of these providers improve performance in the same applications, which do not need a very large amount of cores (12/16)

That let's take a moment to remember, anyway the vast majority of home computer and gaming applications.


Therefore, there is a trend, which I estimate will increase in many reviews in the coming days, that there is an advantage

The 6/8 processors have cores in this generation, more than there were in the previous generation. Not for nothing do I have a feeling that Is not interested

Let us pay attention to this, because it prefers to sell the multi-cores, in which its profit margin is greater.



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Died for Jay, his theatricality brought him far and one can understand why.

** Learn from the greatest of them all Linus



Look at how powerful Zen3's IPC is . The demo is clock per clock comparison:


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Which is better for gaming 5600 or 5800? I do not know how relevant a 6-core processor will be, say for another two years?


Intends to match him with a standard 6800XT or 6800


I saw this video and I am confused



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I'm a fan of And happy to see her hold the crown of performance after nearly 15 years with him .


I had a square and hex Phnom II and bulldozer fx-8350 and they were great for my needs (today with i7-4790k)


Just what ...


I see some of the reactions here. They are more joy to Eid and a finger in the eye than a serious discussion about this launch.


This launch is important thanks to the performance jump within the existing power envelope. Which means my processor 3 Laptops will be powerful and efficient.


(Home hardware today is several times stronger than the requirements for actual uses (except for gamers perhaps). I have a 6-year-old processor and do not feel that anything is missing. This is the reason why I think the desktops market today is less important than the laptops)


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New: NVIDIA's Ampere Small

Three different manufacturers are adopting a particularly compact Mini-ITX configuration for the GeForce RTX 3060, so that even miniature computer systems can enjoy the benefits of the new generation - in case the availability does not disappoint once again

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