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Quote of mzn

We are all here in closure and they are raising prices

I got to order a few laptops for friends / family in the last month, and do a market survey for prices, lots of models evaporated, in lots of models prices jumped from 500, to 700 and a thousand, and I'm not talking up to premium models, but on the order of 2200-3500 routinely. And yes, it's clear to me why.


So with computer hardware that is defined as "luxury" (which is not usually necessary for the general public for studies / distance work), any new hardware that enters the country during this period will receive a price in the form of an inflated shaving tax from the store / importer / all together ... 

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Quote of nec_000

Are you sure it's still at 7nm before?

From the information talked about on the net I understood that it is 7nm EUV.

I did not see a mention of. Only in RDNA2. But it is impossible to know for sure everything is a rumor.


No-One Quote

And I'm not talking up to premium models, but on the order of 2200-3500 in the routine

I noticed that too


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All in all, one year warranty I'm important. An example of an operation that was of

Usually the payers are from MSI And ACER.


One such cost a relative 2,500 in the country! without !


(Rose 1,750 on Amazon)

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There is now a severe global shortage of computers . Roll over it and you will understand - this is not a phenomenon only in Israel.

The reason is the return of students to the school season on 1.9 for distance learning, about the whole world and its sister at the same time.

Demand has risen several times over this summer for children and students, while the creature has not changed. Here is the problem.

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And back to the topic of threading,

Relatively fresh leak says, that the processor 5900x (the one that has 12 cores) now turns out,

operation For a single core up to 5.0Ghz, which is 400mhz more than 3900x.

Also its TDP is very high - 150 watts, which implies an all frequency high boost on its own accordingly.

One should expect (probably?) The 4.6-4.7ghz all area Or something like that order of magnitude (i.e. 300-400mhz over Zen2).

The price, as far as I know, is $ 699.

Although any number can win at this time. And not sure that Themselves are finally closed and will decide in the 90th minute on the eve of the launch.

A relatively high price of $ 699, still justifies itself compared to the reverse, given that this processor is more powerful than the 16 cores

3950x from last year. So this is a discount anyway for the same level of performance for the consumer.


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At this point it does not seem to me that they have any interest in leaking on purpose. Do not do this 10 days in advance, not when you have a stage

Be as proud as it looks right now. The goal is to produce maximum noise and buzz but on the designated day, and if preliminary leaks are made, it is

Will spoil the intensity of the celebration. There are all sorts of equities including stock price control. This is big money that heavy investors in the company are building

Do short-term trading of days / hours. Does not see the likelihood of intentional leakage - not now. 

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