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I talked about the IO. For some reason your comment has been deleted and I do not see it.

They are committed to GF will not be minimized nor is there a reason. GFs also work at 12nm + which should be significantly more efficient.

Can't believe we've seen 24 cores. When there is no competition there is no motivation to release such a processor. It is reserved for TR4.

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Further to what was said here at the beginning of the discussion, in my opinion it is unlikely that Will significantly increase prices in the new processors, even if "they can" and even if they have better performance than 10900K.

The reason is that quite a few appear in various articles, is that Intel has much more time in the market, and much more stable and reliable, add to that that there are people and companies who are simply not willing to With the many servers they have and are not willing to take a sliver of risk in the transition to a new company and a new generation.

So in my opinion left with the same prices, we will soon see if this is true or not  :) 


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I appreciate the possibility of some price increase. Maybe not for the ceiling ... but somewhere in a good place in the middle.

It's hard for me to see them release the 8 cores for $ 329, so I would estimate that they would raise it to $ 399.

A price that on the one hand will embody the performance increase of the product and being the market leader, the price should show it,

And on the other hand, not pigs. But somewhere is a good place in the middle to be accepted with understanding by the community.


The 12 cores, if not $ 499 like in the previous round, then $ 599 will look like something right now as well - a good place in the middle.

No pigs, but no floor price.


Here is my bet where:

Ryzen 5800X for $ 399

Ryzen 5900X for $ 599


Let's see if I bet right or not.

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Watch 200 at a live event. Fifth million. respectable.
A meteoric improvement of 19% in IPC. That is, the improvement per clock.

In addition to improving efficiency for electricity up to 24% ...


28% improved in the shadow of the game As an example, a detail below for more games in the picture

** Intel do in pants this understatement seems to me at the moment


Launch everything in one go:

5950X for $ 799

5900X for $ 549

5800X for $ 449

5600X for $ 299


The processors are available as of 5.11.2020











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We uploaded to members language the information live, the so-called in real time. For those who did not watch at the time.

We got in the forum as early as possible on this topic.


AMD made it short and decisive, when you do not leave crumbs for competition, you can cut straight and to the point

No need to gossip. We saw a clear representation of the majority we already knew technically, with a few minor corrections.


In terms of performance in what interests home PC enthusiasts and gamers, Today world leaders as it seems

Without too many doubts. In everything related to productivity they had been leaders before, so now they have fled to competition completely.


Prices are a little higher than last year by about $ 50-100 per processor what was expected, but no pigs at all,

Rather, price in such a way that it is more likely to buy the processors with the more cores, and not the lower processors.

Blaine that it's a novelty - it's a rising and rising margin. An interesting thought without a doubt ...


Edited By nec_000
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In short, nothing surprisingly the processors are just as powerful as everyone expected and the prices accordingly.

AMD plays it And jumps prices, at the end more Lower the price and we will start recommending them because they will give a better value for the price.

Actually 5600X at $ 300? Suddenly the i5 seems like a legitimate and relevant processor.

Hopefully it's temporary until ZEN2's stocks run out or they have more SKUs in programs like there were in the previous generation for example 5600 (without the X) or 5700.


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At such pricing, the 8-core 5800X processors are not worthwhile this round. It seems that Not so interested in selling them.

They are very expensive, open a gap on one side too large from the 6 cores processors, require an additional 50% to the price for only 33% additional cores,

And are in too small a gap from the 12-core processors. The 12 require an extra 22% in price but for getting 50% more hearts. 


On the face of it in my estimation these will not get a warm recommendation to buy them from the reviewers who will put up reviews in the coming month.

They will recommend, or buy 6 hearts (also at an alarming price but that's what it is) for $ 300 order of magnitude, or if already,

Go straight up to 12 cores for $ 550. In the exam, all or nothing.


It's pretty clear that if this processor is priced at $ 300, it's a direct look at the 10600k that costs the same, and is probably better than it in gaming and Photoshop,

That's what I understand from it. Otherwise they would not have priced it so high.


What does this mean for Intel:

That means she's in office now Of old, is the underdog who will have to persuade to buy from her, because of the value she offers,

That is because of the price.


As a wheel turns for him. And that's the lesson for all of us to remember, life is a spinning wheel - once you're up and once you'm down.

So today is the Torah of Be up and deserve them wholeheartedly - rip your ass off 5 years, Fell asleep on guard, and they overtook them in turn.


Wow ... where are all the processors that are now flying to 2nd hand humidity ...?

I'm waiting to find some bargain that will justify my upgrade over the 2600k. Although he still kicks great and lacks (me) nothing.

Edited By nec_000
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By the way, as much as I think about it, it's weird to me:

The gap of 6 hearts at $ 300 model 5600, for 8 hearts at $ 450 model 5800.

This is too big a gap. And also missing one Blaine processor name. 5700.


So it seems to me very much that we mean later, after the noise around the launch is over and the intensity of the festivities slowly dissolves into it,

To give a repeat boost and inject air into sales, they will take out the 5700, which will be 8 cores with 100mhz less frequency and a more sane price.

Something puts between $ 300 and $ 450 in the middle. I bet $ 469 something like that - a nice number.


If I estimated correctly, the only question is when will they take it out. We really want it fast but it's not up to us.

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Quote of nec_000

What does this mean for Intel:

That means she's in office now AMD Of old, is the underdog who will have to persuade to buy from her, because of the value she offers,

That is because of the price.


The thing is, I'm not sure we'll see prices drop so quickly .

As of today she is already having a hard time meeting the demands and she has Which months later were still launched only on paper.

In the home market Already defeated them in the previous round, it seems to me that most of the demand for Intel desktops comes from the OEM market and in this market no matter how much the processor of He's better, Continue to rule there with a level hand.

Edited By lompy
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Quote of lompy

Actually 5600X at $ 300? Suddenly the i5 seems like a legitimate and relevant processor.


At such a price, indeed, the $ 10400f at $ 150 seems more relevant than ever. because he Costs half What 5600X.


And that no one should fool himself into thinking that in gaming, he is really a stable compromise of some kind in the computational load

That games are currently showing in 2020. Not even in BF5 in multiplayer. This title with 6 hearts 12 troubles

Got everything he wanted and with a surplus. And it represents the heaviest case for a CCU in gaming.


What’s more, the game load always falls on the screen accelerator anyway, always. Set so that the load on it is 100%.

So what does it matter that on paper the 5600X say will bring another 20-30% FPS in unrealistic 720P LOW settings. 

No one plays like that and they will not lie to you. It's only reviewers who come to present a point do.

This show has no real purpose. This is a scam in her name.


So for such a difference, which in practice does not exist, ie those theoretical 20-30% FPS that 5600X will bring over 10400f,

Is it worth paying twice as much for the CPU? I do not think so.


Only those who really need the productive add-on from the 5600X processor, because it has real loads in the applications it runs

Them routinely, it would be worthwhile for him to consider, paying for this processor twice the six core value of Known as 10400f.

Which is currently emerging as one of the most worthy processors for purchase and recommendation.

* Those who did not follow, the 3600 soared to $ 200 a long time ago, which took it out of balance.

Edited By nec_000
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