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Recommended settings for OC to 2600 X


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Hello friends, need help with recommended settings for OC for Ryzen 2600X:

(I know the OC for this processor may not be too serious, but even the little we get is good, and for free  :)  )


Cooling arctic 34 duo esport

Gives low temps even during exertion

Very ventilated case, 750W power supply

Motherboard B450 Pro that its VRAM is not in the sky (but as mentioned the case is ventilated with 7 powerful fans):




The purpose of the OC is to improve gaming performance.

Since and performance Individual is the more crucial factor in gaming The question is whether it is possible to do OC for one core more than the rest, p to get a higher frequency and boost in performance.

If this is not possible then I would be happy to get a voltage / frequency recommendation recommended from your experience, especially for 2600 / 2600X owners who have done OC



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The turbo by nature gives a boost according to the amount of cores in the effort, the less hard-core cores the turbo increases.

Turbo can be made according to , Check in Master Reisen, need to make sure the core with the big turbo is the one the game will take advantage of, can be set.

Not necessarily performance Individual is what determines, depending on the game.

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4.2GHz at 1.375 via Reisen Master.

Through the BIOS for some reason every value I enter, the computer does not initialize the new settings and has to reset the CMOS.


Another question if possible, why in CPUZ the frequency appears almost 4.2GHZ and in task manager appears 3.7GHZ?




EDIT: And this OC is not really stable either, I'm still trying to check.

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No-One Quote

, Why in CPUZ the frequency appears almost 4.2GHZ and in task manager appears 3.7GHZ?

The task manager shows the current frequency at which the processor is working, what you see is a situation where there is no load and then the turbo does not go into action.

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I managed through the joss to get to 4.15 at a voltage of 1.385, also something, more than that has been crashing instantly.


I did not find a decent piece of information for recommended settings with this board on the net, if anyone has any flash I would love to know. 

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The table does not say that it is impossible, if you take one of the processors from the TOP 25% chances are he will be able to hold as well 4.15GHz at 1.375V but it seems that the processor you got is not one of the most successful produced. As usual in OC it's a lot of luck of luck what quality of silicone in case you managed to grill.

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@Jabberwock Really thanks, I also tried with the voltages you sent in the table and as mentioned I could not get to 4.2, but only to 4.15 with 1.875 voltage (I started with 1.4 and went down with the voltage until the lowest stable voltage, correct me if I was wrong)


Apparently I really do share the 44% who received weaker silicone.


Quote of none77

One has to make sure that the core with the big turbo is the one that the game will utilize, can be set.

Do you intend to set up a Breisen Master? Because in games I have never seen such settings.

There is a point in trying to hurry One for more than 4.15 or did I reach the ceiling?

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