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Dear King is Naked: ASUS GeForce RTX 3090 TUF graphics card under review


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The screen refresh rate in Hertz is the maximum number of frames it can display to you per second (even if the game itself is actually processed at a higher display speed you will not notice it) - meaning at 144Hz you will notice a display speed of up to 144FPS. There is no doubt that the resolutions of And sure enough They are still a challenge for modern hardware, certainly when expecting stable operation at very high speeds and under maximum graphics settings - in the end consumers still have to prioritize modern titles: Are they interested in maximum display quality with maximum graphics settings and high resolution but relatively modest operation / display speed , Or they want as good response times as possible with a high refresh rate and compromise on visual settings or resolution (which also affects display quality of course).
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Quote of Jabberwock

Do you think there is room for a card RTX 3090 in the Israeli market?

As in any other market, it has the same place in the top and mostly professional promille of the scale.
In the country everything is in small quantities anyway so assume there is justification in the amount of a few tens to individual hundreds.

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