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Adapter for m.2, and adapter for future motherboard

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Quote of etal

Intel has not been producing motherboards for a long time, you need to go to the manufacturer's website to see if there are any updates BIOS.

Do you know maybe what board you have? I searched a bit for the model written in CPU-Z and it only led me to a Chinese manufacturer that no one has heard of, if this is the case no wonder you have problems. Did anyone sell it to you in the country or did you order it directly from Mali Express?

As for the cable you will forget about it, it can not fit anything you need.

This is the motherboard, I bought it in the country the only problem it does for me is the installation On the ssd. It seems to me that I will give it to a technician who fixes my laptop screen on the way maybe he will succeed


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The structure looks exactly like the Chinese board of MAXSUN but the other colors, surprisingly sell it in the country:

Regarding the installation you can try to return all the settings in the BIOS to the legacy and format the disk as mbr (not sure it can still be done through installation But there are other ways to format a disc) and then maybe it will work.

And if this was not clear to you then the same 4 pin connector in the power supply is supposed to connect to the free socket on the motherboard

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