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RDNA2 Beyond the Round, the most up-to-date information

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

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I'm in favor of open source, and it's great that AMD is based on it and not on proprietary tools. The problem is that it does not rely on it because it supports open source, it relies on it because it has no choice. NVIDIA has a highly developed software department, and the industry is beating

Leave, he's a professional. He understands more than you. In fact, he understands more than you do about anything. In economics, in psychology, in everything related to technology and computer science. It's just a pity he did not learn how to write paragraphs in the forum without going down lines in line

I informed my wife that I was coming home early tonight, that she would make me a fresh watermelon with a Bulgarian in a family room / TV, next to it nuts, a bottle of cold Zero Cola, a Hapoel towel rising red, and that she would take the kids out somewhere ...

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She must. also About to jump for a buck at one point or another.

Some interesting details:

* This Monoliths and not arranging chipsets of one kind or another.

* People claim that Actually "turned off" 8 Compute Units in the full MI100 core to get better Yields; The full size is 128CU's.

* Here too there is the use of Infinity Fabric similar to RDNA2 for the home consumer. 


Either way, it's a pretty significant Leap over the Chunkyster previous editions.



Jensen and his gang were quick to respond:


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If you ignore Machine Learning for a moment, that's the specialty of And I do not think MI100 can win there, the MI100 crushes the A100 in every computational task and in PERF PER WATT, and probably at a lower price.

Peak FP64 

MI100: 38.33 gflops / w

A100: 24.25 gflops / w

Peak FP32 

MI100: 76.66 gflops / w

A100: 48.75 gflops / w

Peak FP16 

MI100: 613.66 gflops / w

A100: 195.0 gflops / w


I guess it's a matter of time until Take advantage of the Versal AI Cores of (Which she announced a purchase), and then also in this area Jensen and his friends slept with the light open by the bed. Will be interesting.



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Straight to the interesting second in the video, about the performance of the RX6900 compared to the 3090. that if they are correct, and they are probably correct, will cause quite a few cards

3090 find themselves in the second hand boards, mainly on the part of such customers, who must, but really must, hold in their hand the piece

The most powerful hardware in that second, regardless of price (no matter the gap is spitting distance anyway):



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Wait for the RX6900 XTX coming out I understand in the upcoming H1, core golden sample with Built-in water from the factory,

Working frequency probably around 2.4-2.5Ghz by default as is ....

The price will probably be $ 1500 quietly ... Returning now and not expecting the least ...

Edited By nec_000
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Tachles it seems to me that I made the right choice ... at the resolution I play at - 3440X1440 The card manages to give me over 100fps in everything I have tried so far, even with RT. And where not, DLSS gives me a very high FPS and it has no Answer right now.

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