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Faber browsing speed

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Connected in fiber at 1000 MB. In one of the extensions / rooms, the wired connection (network cable running through the wall to the closet The router has a download speed of 100 MB. Could it be because of this disconnected wire? Wasn't it supposed to prevent connection to the network at all because of a disconnected wire?

By the way, in the next room, the same type of connection (cable Through the wall that connects to the router) shows a normal download speed (average of about 700 MB).

Network Cable.JPG

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Should also check if the card Supports over 100 megabits. If so then it is worth checking if in his driver something limits him. I would change from Auto negotiation which is set to default and checks. In addition as said before there are also cables that are really limited to 100 megabits.

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Tested with Same touchIn and with Same network cable Between the computer (laptop) and the internet point in each room.
I do not see in my other cables connected to the router that there is one free wire.

So maybe that's really the reason?

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