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Graphics Anatomy: Dive Into MSI RTX 3080 GAMING X TRIO

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An 18awg cable can transfer 10A in a single steel cable to steel, ie without connectors, with more cable connectors etc. The safe current for continuous operation decreases.

The Pcie device allows for an 8pin 150W cable, ie 4.1A, it is true that many times even with connectors it allows more.

The connection from the motherboard is 75W.

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What is happening today is that in practice 18AWG cables from power supplies are equipped with extensions and catalysts that increase the effective AWG of cables. In a large part of existing power supplies it can be seen that every 18AWG cable comes close to the definition of Single Stranded thanks to this.


As for the PCIE standard, there is a kind of polite disregard for it, and more and more cases of deviation from it can be seen in recent years. We know that the authors themselves are far more compliant than normal, anyway

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Thanks for the wonderful review.


Forgive me for my lack of knowledge in electricity but I was in first grade and something here I did not understand:


"Most video card power supply starts right here, in the main power connectors. This video card has three 8PIN connectors. PCI-Express. Each such connector includes three pins for 12V and six GNDs or in the DC power world three for plus and six for minus. "


There are three 8-pin connectors, each with 3 for 12V, another 3 for plus, and another 3 for minus.

3 + 3 + 3 = 9, but the connector has only 8 pins, where is the ninth pin compressed?  

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The 6-pin cable has one sensor, so the card knows not to pull over 75W.

The 8-pin cable has 2 sensors so the card can pull 150W.

The emotions are connected to grounding, it is not emotions that test voltage to compensate for losses of resistance.

But they are not necessary for the circle itself.

If you think about it you will see that the manufacturers usually meet these limits.

3 8 pin ports.


From the 75W board.


The card is not expected to go through this, it is not about peaks.

Feel free to check out other tickets.

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The mistake is three plus and five minus, correct.

Take any modern power supply today with an 8PIN PCIE connector, and you will see that you are getting a plus Three Tendons (in yellow) and minus At five The others.

Sensing today is transferred to the video card function, and he knows when he is getting the correct voltages in operation.

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The sense is connected to grounding because it is a ‘stupid’ emotion.

The card feels like one pulls 75W.

Feel 2 pulls 150W.

For example in the new 12 pin connection, there is

6 12V

6 Grounding, because the card knows there are no other options in the connection


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Yes, it is also a feature that exists in cards today. If I connect the power foolishly against a variable and decide to pull high currents from this setting, it will usually let me go through it quite roughly too before OCP kicks me out. Here we rely on the engineering of the card actually. 




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