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Lightning shield or UPS for computer and screen protection


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Hello friends,
Recently due to power outages (multiple power outages and repetitions) my computer screen burned out and I had to replace it.
I realized that for the new screen (and the computer) needs some protection. In particular that the same socket is also connected ...
I net need protection for sensitive hardware from power outages; I have no special need to keep an orderly job as the computer is used by me for gaming and home browsing only.
After searching the forum and in particular the thread this- Something's still not clear to me. For the purpose of preserving only essential components, does UPS have priority / added value over lightning protection? Significant price differences. I have no problem spending ~ 600 NIS on a UPS if that's what it takes to protect a computer and screen that cost over 7,000, just want to understand that this is indeed justified since I do not understand anything on the subject.

4 sensitive devices are connected to the electrical outlet:

1. Computer - Power supply

Seasonic S12II 520W

2. Computer - video card
NVIDIA GTX 1070 Ti (I guess it gets power from the computer's power supply)
3. screen
AORUS FI27Q - Consumption up to 75W (according to specifications)
4. TV set
Samsung QE65Q70R - Consumes up to 240W (according to specifications)

If indeed a UPS is better than a lightning shield, I would be happy for advice on the power required from it.
Thank you! 😁

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The power of the power supply is at maximum load.

Uninterruptible power supply is designed to provide 10 minutes of power for safe shutdown of a computer.

You can buy a lightning protector with a delay. As soon as the electricity returns after a fall, the shield returns the electricity only after waiting, thus protecting the capacitors in the product from electric shocks.

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Quote of Medox

Hi, just want to make sure about the first model (Eaton 850VA) - its power is 480W, does not need the power to be at least equal to the power of the power supply of the computer + screen?  

Thank you!


You still need the UPS as "normalized" by Electricity.

The 850 will do the same.

During a power outage it will last 5 minutes, plus or minus .....

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