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Using Hotspot as your home Internet


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As a new student, of course one of the first things I deal with when moving is my home.

Unfortunately in my building there is no fiber optic infrastructure because of any company so I had to look for suppliers on copper cables.

From all the phone calls I made and what I did not inquire I came to the insight that a provider package + infrastructure of 100 megabytes and more total WiFi will cost me at least 80 shekels a month (at best).

Following a post I saw on Facebook I started thinking about using an old phone in favor Cellular as an access point to the house.

I connected my cellphone to the computer using a cable 2.0 and I did a speed test but the results are dismal. 5 MB download and 2 upload, with the phone showing a 4G connection.


Is there A cellphone that can reasonably support 2 computers that make zoom calls throughout the day (including students) and 2 mobile phones?


If not, are there any recommendations for the package That you will provide the goods in good quality and reasonable price?

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