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KSP motherboard


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Quote of shai82


Joining the question, I also asked myself this a few days ago.

According to what they write, the notes are products that were returned within the 14-day return period.


exactly. Now, you know why the man returned ... 

The problem is that it is impossible to know why the man returned to the store. Even if you do not see physical damage to the eye, enough of a messenger fell to the man from the hands and decided to return to the KSP, a lot of glitches can pop up. Malfunctions that KSP will see as no malfunction (e.g. a sudden reset that happens once every few hours) and therefore will not help and I am left with a screwed up board. 

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Quote of djelectric

My very general recommendation - ask if the product you are buying is renewed / renewed. It's always good to do that. Even if the description does not tell about it.


2 cents.

The truth is that I have already ordered this board from TMS:


Worth canceling to take Bazooka's B550M From the KSP score? It costs 550 NIS.


The design of Looks better, the question is whether it comes down to this or are there more differences? 


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