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Identify a memory stick and a question about a problem running a computer

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Hello, my dad has a strange problem with the computer, the computer works all week in a smooth sequence, and after Shabbat it is turned off there is a problem with the operation,

The computer turned on and off after a few seconds, I tried with Other and not helpful, I cleaned the fans + plus replacing the thermal ointment,

And also did not help, the motherboard looks fine without swollen capacitors.

The only thing that helped was removing the memory sticks and releasing the power. At the moment I only returned 2 sticks out of 4, and the computer managed to boot.

Old computer, From 2011, i3 3220 processor.

I would love your ideas for resolving the issue, as well as attaching a picture of the stick , Because I do not know what tension Suitable for computer,

And I thought maybe buy 2 new sticks and that would solve the problem.



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These are memories With a voltage of 1.5V

Here is the page of the model—-4GB-DDR3-Memory/p/CMV4GX3M1A1333C9#tab-tech-specs

Maybe it's just one that makes trouble. Run a test on one by one.

You can get by with 12GB . No need to buy new.

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Update - After checking the memories, power supply, etc., at the end of what turned out to be problems with the operation of the computer is a card I hung him up

And everything came up quickly and immediately, or it did not sit well in its slot, or it shortened something on the board, anyway I took it out and everything was fine.

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