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Office computer consulting

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Hello I am interested in purchasing a simple computer for office, zoom and internet.

Budget up to 1300 NIS.

This is the specification I was thinking about:


   AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 3.6Ghz 8 - Box
      Asus PRIME B450M-K AM4 Motherboard, B450, , PCI-E, VGA, DVI
      Transcend 4GB 2666Mhz PC Memory CL19 X2
       Transcend 110S TS256GMTE110S PCIe Gen3 x4 - 256GB capacity
      Cases: [url = https: // Uin = 42361] Computer case including Sohoo S610BS supplier 500W Color Black

Package price: NIS 1278


What do you think of the supplier that comes with the case? Will there be problems with him in the future?



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Not sure I prefer the i3.

In terms of processing it is about 10-30% stronger, the graphic core of the Raisen is 200-300% stronger.

Can change in easy gaming, for uses you mentioned both are good.

Agree with the rest of the comments.

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Quote of shai82

It is best to stretch the budget up a bit and take i3 and 8GB memory.


Why did you choose this particular case? And it seems to me that there is a generic doubt in it - better a more normal doubt.



Yes I took 8GB 2X4gb to be dual channel.

Regarding the supplier at the end I switched to it: VALUE POWER Active PFC 12cm 450W 80+ VP450P Plus Retail

And the case for it: NX130 Black Case (No PSU)

And the SSD for it: MX500 CT250MX500SSD1 250GB SATA III  

The price went up to1,463 including mouse.

Quote of napoleon45

There's also ASROCK's mini in tangle -


This is the case with Intel, But there is the same thing with Raisen 310

Regarding this they are a bit more expensive and also the store is only in Tel Aviv and it is less convenient.

Thank you all!

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Additional specifications:

Processors AMD Ryzen 3 3200G With RX 8 Tray   ₪ 384
Coolers for processors AMD Wraith Spire Cooler and LED   ₪ 25
Motherboards Gigabyte GA-AB350M-DS3H V2   ₪ 272
Memories DDR4 8G / 3000 CL16 XPG GAMMIX D10 A-DATA   ₪ 151
Enclosures ANTEC Case P5   ₪ 210
Vendors for desktops Corsair 450W CV450 80+ Bronze   ₪ 214
SSD disks A-DATA 250GB SWORDFISH 2280 M.2   ₪ 180
Assembling a computer Train Money (Free! When ordering a new computer)   ₪ 1
Total ₪ 1438

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