Interested in working with Photoshop on a 5.5 year old computer, not too heavy stuff in my opinion - do I need a video card? Video Cards - HWzone Forums
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Interested in working with Photoshop on a 5.5 year old computer, not too heavy stuff in my opinion - do I need a video card?

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I have a 5.5 year old computer that I am interested in working on .
Technical data:
Processor - i5-4690.
Memory - 16GB (two slots of 8)
Motherboard - B85-HD3
My graphics card is the one built into the motherboard.
Overall for internet and movie uses it works great, I have not felt any difficulty so far and recently upgraded from 7-to- 10.
I plan to learn and work on Photoshop and Illustrator soon.
Not too heavy stuff. Designs for shirts and such, with not too many layers I guess.
I tried to upload the software without loading anything.
Rises quite a bit. Not smart I know, but maybe that's some sort of initial indication of why it can be loaded.
Do I need an external video card at all or can I get by?
2. If I need a video card, what will work for me with this antique board?
Thank you!
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It's very fluid, the answer to your question. Basically, for the nature of the work you described,

It is also possible to pull without an external video card, although the latest versions 

Of the software is quite spoiled in terms of hardware.



Look, be impressed and decide.


כל Between these two will deliver the goods.


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The things you mentioned can be worked with . Impact of a video card is not critical as it mainly affects certain plugins where there is some priority or optimization of display by accelerating hardware.

In theory you just understand that even a certain degree of , Has no effect at all on adding performance to very expensive video cards compared to simpler or midrange  And down. In some things buying a video card can help a bit but it does not usually justify buying.

I got to edit on old 13-inch laptops that are considered weaker, and it's possible and your decision whether it slows you down or is frustrating that it's no more agile - is up to you. In any case, it is important to make sure that the computer is maintained and that everything works properly in it and there is no effect of settings / viruses / traces of and so.

One of the things you will feel like everyone else is the save time you make from time to time. My recommendation is to turn off the e in Photoshop settingscompression Saving the psd file that somehow in 2020 only works on One. Once you do that, then everything will be saved 20 times faster maybe. In the last save you can restart it if you want to save the file As smaller.

However, if you are not going to make edits that require color distortion or aggressive brightness or the like, you can move the color output to 8 bit (in case you opened the files about 16 bit) and it will make editing time a bit easier at the expense of things you may not notice.

And anyway you can always install trial And try. Successfully. Attaches an image for consideration from puget system. spacer.png

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Thank you!


I'll check how it works for me without an external video card.


If I still need a card, what are the parameters that need to be checked to make sure there is no bottleneck from the processor?

Prefers not to buy a ticket and then find out that because of the processor it only reaches 50% of its capabilities.

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You have already received in the link the range of video cards for your system ....  : nixweiss:


Anyway, the CPU is far from ideal, and you know it.

But, it has already been said that even in significantly weak systems was activated , Probably for basic needs.


So look what's up, and from there we'll move on.

I'm optimistic ....   :)

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