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Black Friday specials at Newegg


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NEWEGG does not send everything to Israel, but if you change the location to Israel in the site's settings, then only things sent to Israel will appear.

Once upon a time they sent almost nothing to the country (when you would change the location to Israel, the site would change to a lousy version of With individual products), now they ship more stuff, but shipping is very expensive on everything.

Their shipping on small and light things is very expensive relative to Amazon, so not profitable, for example buying hardware components like a motherboard, , Etc. not worth it.

But shipping on heavy items is sometimes cheaper than other places, but still expensive (a few hundred shekels) - what is more - with specials, especially those of Black Friday there is a situation that even after such a shipping price came out profitable (for example I found some computer screens and computers That after shipping and taxes it comes out cheaper than in Israel - and maybe there are people here who buy there and know about other products that pay to buy there)

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Really depression, the question is whether it is because there is no demand for hardware products then they must profit on individual products sold, or because they compare prices between them and then there is no competition. Because for example if you look, KSP-and-IVORY are the same at a price of NIS per shekel for a lot of products, if not most



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Never buy from these thieves in the country

I bought on Amazon two 8GB 3200 sticks from Crucial for mobile and SSM NVME 970EVO 500GB from , I got 480 not including shipping. Plus delivery another NIS 35 and taxes NIS 87, I got a total of 598.

On the other hand, the thieves in the country, one 8GB 3200 stick of the cheapest Crucial 190 shekels (I bought two at 207), the SSD in the country 480 the cheapest, on Amazon 269.

In short, everyone will make their own decision, I personally do not order from the country, these prostitutes will not see me for a penny.

People here buy hardware and systems at double the prices and spin around with it.


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The problem with Newegg is that you have no responsibility for the products you purchase (I contacted customer service), b It's a year.

Currently the price gap between Newegg and Does not justify the loss of responsibility.


If you are willing to buy without warranty can be in a certain situation Will be more profitable.

Totally agree with okinawa,  The prices of the memories and also certain motherboards are exorbitant in the country in relation to abroad.


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the warranty at newegg just goes to the manufacturer after a month or so. Then you have to deal with correspondence and deliveries, which is a bit of a headache, unless it is a company / product with an international warranty. But the free shipping on the expensive products comes out to a significant discount relative to Amazon. In the little things like And SSD maybe it's really less significant.

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