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Failed to perform clean installation of Win10

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I have a Lenovo Z570 mobile with Win10 in an old build. The computer is not so new either (2012), but its power in the waist (i7 + SSD) and I am very pleased with it. I want to perform a clean installation of Win10 in the last child. I made USB and also a disk DL for this purpose according to the guidelines of Microsoft.

The problem is that the computer does not recognize the USB or the disk in it. It does not recognize old Win Win discs . The drive read order cannot be rearranged because it cannot be reached  Using F2 / F12 or accessing UEFI via Setting-Recovery-Restart etc. n that the UEFI button does not exist under Advanced. System information shows that the computer is working under UEFI mode and also, the recovery partition shows that it is of the UFI type, that is, its owner, the computer bypasses the . It seems to me that I need to get somewhere to And move it to Legacy mode. And I can't do that.

I have tried most of the recommended exercises online (published + Long press on PWR, increase with F2 pressed, Safe Mode, HD release and more). One thing I have not tried yet - removing the CMOS battery to destroy the . It involves unloading half a computer.

Does anything have a bad idea to perform a clean installation anyway or, in fact, force the computer to read Its owner?

I have never had such an event in dozens of installations of previous systems for Win10 on this computer (I usually perform a clean installation about every year - two years).

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